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May — Membership Meeting Report Back

Last night, we held our second virtual General Membership Meeting. Apologies to all who had difficulty getting on; Zoom has been problematic and we are all learning.  In addition to union business, there was  discussion on the extension to telecommuting, vacation carryover, and an overview on EFMLA and EPSLA .

The Coalition of Rutgers Unions is organizing a Physically Safe Car Caravan Action from Sears Parking Lot to President Barchi’s house to highlight that #weRnotdisposable and how we are invaluable to the operations of the University.  With more than $1 Billion in assets and reserves, Rutgers administration has the resources and does not need to take austerity measures that harm the people that make Rutgers work.

#WeRNotDisposable Caravan

Sign up at the Facebook event page

Print your sign in advance

  • Physically-Safe Car Caravan Action—Saturday, May 16, 2020 at 12pm,
  • Meet at Sears parking lot (Cook Campus, across from Labor Education Center) 51 Rte US‑1 South , New Brunswick, NJ
  • Traveling together to Barchi’s Home on Busch Campus via Suydam St and Louis St.

Please join us to demand:

Proper PPE and safe working conditions for all.

Rutgers employees are still lacking proper PPE as they come to work every day.  When we return to work in person, Rutgers must provide PPE for all of us.  These include but are not limited to masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.  #PPEforall

No layoffs.

President Barchi has already hinted at layoffs and furloughs for unionized employees.  We demand to negotiate any changes to our terms and conditions of employment.  #NoLayoffs

Settle all contracts.

We have colleagues at RBHS who have been without a contract for almost 3 years.

If you live in New Brunswick and can’t drive, join us on any corner as we pass along Suydam St and Louis St.

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Route Map and Directions: