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Ines O. Agina

Ines Agina

April 12, 1959 – January 11, 2012

Ines Agina served as a Union of Rutgers Administrator – AFT Steward, an Administrative Assistant for the Executive MBA program at the Rutgers Business School for 22 years and a graduate of the Rutgers University School of Social Work. At the young age of 53, Ines succumbed to cancer on January 11, 2012. She leaves behind two adult children, Eric Cartegena and Lillian Riley, a sister and two brothers. This caring, reliable, and hard working person was a great friend. Her devotion to helping others was so strong that even while fighting her own battles she was still willing to fight for others.  Ines Agina
In 2009, Ines wrote an article for the AFT higher education publication On Campus about workplace bullying. Read Ines’ article

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