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What The Flex? URA-AFT Staff Toolkit

The roll out of Rutgers Management’s FlexWork@RU initiative is a mess.
Management has not negotiated this policy with the affected unions and so what’s supposed to be a “flexible work arrangement” is more accurately, a top-down directive on our work arrangements for the next year. Across Rutgers University staff are seeing Management not even follow the conditions of its own program. What the Flex!?

Use this What the Flex? URA-AFT Staff Toolkit to help you navigate this pilot program, learn about the process and all the options you have to ensure your voice is heard when making decisions about “flexible work arrangements.”

URA Contract

Meet Your URA Bargaining Team

At the Monday, April 11, 2022 membership meeting, URA members overwhelmingly voted to approve the following members recommended by the Executive Board as the URA Bargaining Team for 2022. 

We have a diverse team that is representative of our geographical locations and has expertise across many departments. Please to support your team as we move into negotiations for a successor contract. 

Team Members are: Christine O’Connell, URA President; Gregory Rusciano, URA Director; Charles Basden, Graduate School of Education, New Brunswick; Diana Byrd, School of Business, Camden; Leigh-Anne Cobb, Rutgers Business School, New Brunswick; Ryan Csordas, SAS EOF, New Brunswick; Alexandra Del Collo, Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Off Campus; Joshua Eaise, NJ Step, Newark, Off Campus; Justin Esperon, Dining Services, New Brunswick; Josephine Nagle, Rutgers Law School, Newark; Barbara Nowakowski, SAS Division of Life Services, New Brunswick; and Alessandra Sperling, English Writing Program, New Brunswick. 

Alternates are: Barry Bailey, Institutional Planning and Operations, New Brunswick; Isaac Jiménez, SASN, Newark; and Mikaela Maria, School of Nursing, Camden. 

Please join me in congratulating and thanking our Bargaining Team members for their commitment and service to our union!

URA Contract

SCP Resources for Members

It’s SCP season and time to meet with your supervisor to discuss your annual appraisal. It is important that you refer to Article 41 of our union contract to review the procedural steps and deadlines involved. Recent 2022 URA-AFT campus meetings included a presentation on best practices for dues paying members. You can view the presentation here.

URA Contract

Members vote “yes”

ratification graphicMessage to union members from Christine O’Connell, President

Congratulations to our membership for your part in the overwhelming ratification of the fiscal emergency agreement. Each of you played an important role in this ratification, with 74% of our members voting, and with 98% voting yes to ratify. This is the highest voting turnout in the history of our union. From the elections committee, your executive board, and myself, we thank you.

Today, we celebrate our important step together, as URA and as part of the Coalition of Rutgers Unions who represent 20,000 workers. We fought in solidarity, to make gains for all of us, and have now ratified a historic agreement with Rutgers that encompasses multiple unions and our needs.

What comes next?

We will transmit our ratification results to Rutgers and they will transmit the workshare plan to the Department of Labor for approval. Then, Rutgers will compile the lists of those who are eligible for furloughs. We will review their accuracy. Shortly after, we can start requesting our preference for the day of week for furlough days from your departments.

What not to do

DO NOT apply for unemployment yet. More information will come from Rutgers and your union with details on how to apply for unemployment soon. Click here to check if you were a victim of unemployment in the last year.

If you were a victim of identity theft/unemployment fraud please email us at We are still collecting names of those who were impacted.