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Your URA Contract Makes Holidays Happier

In 2007, URA was the first union to provide Rutgers‐paid time when the University is closed.


A. For a day or days when the University is officially declared as “Closed” by the President or appropriate Vice‐President, employees shall not be required to charge vacation days, administrative leave, or personal holidays to avoid loss of pay.

This year, the University will be closed on December 24; still, some departments have not gotten the message. If you are misinformed by your department that you have to charge that day, first show your supervisor Article 48 A. For further assistance, please contact your steward or the URA office immediately.

Our contract provides another holiday benefit for our county‐based employees.


County‐Based Employees and Winter Break


Some of our county‐based employees will be working on the four floating holidays (Dec. 26–31 this year). County‐based employees in the URA unit who are assigned to offices which follow a holiday schedule that is different than that set forth in Article 14 “Holidays” section of the URA‐AFT Administrative Unit Contract are entitled to a day and a half of holidays for each of those days when they work.

The March 18, 2008 agreement provides that those members “…shall follow the holiday schedule established in their respective county of assignment except that no such member shall receive less than 14 holidays” and “employees who are assigned to counties which schedule less than 14 holidays shall receive an extra personal holiday(s) to be scheduled within the same fiscal year at the mutual convenience of the bargaining unit member and his/her supervisor.”

The most common county holidays are Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthdays, Good Friday, Columbus, Veteran’s and Election Day. However, if your county does not observe all of these, you should request personal holiday time from your supervisor, at the rate of 1 1/2 days.

RUSA looks at workers’ pay­ after Sandy

(from the Daily Targum)

By Alex Meier / Correspondent | Posted: Friday, December 7, 2012 12:00 am

  • Members want overtime compensation, vacation days for employees

Rutgers University Student Assembly voted to approve a proposal last night that aims to bring University President Robert L. Barchi’s attention to University employees’ pay during Superstorm Sandy.

Gov. Chris Christie declared a state of emergency on Oct. 29 because of the storm, yet staff members were required to come into work, said Darlene Smith, vice president of the Union of Rutgers Administrators‐American Federation of Teachers.

Both essential and nonessential personnel were required to report to work, she said.

Some of them stayed home because they couldn’t get off the roads. We were told to stay off the roads. Some … can’t afford to lose any days of work. Maybe they’re the sole breadwinner in their household,” Smith said.

Some staff members came into work, but others were turned away from the city of New Brunswick by police officers, she said. At noon, the University told employees that they could go home.

That meant people were driving home when the storm was building up and even though it wasn’t as bad as it got later that evening, it was not great conditions to be on the roadways,” she said.

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URA News: A Bonus and Other Holiday Treats

Tell President Barchi,

Fairness for Rutgers staff affected by Hurricane Sandy


This was the absolute worst treatment of employees during a natural disaster that I have ever seen.”

It is unconscionable that the university LIED to its personnel that the driving ban in New Brunswick did not apply to Rutgers employees.”

This is a crazy policy, and the reassessments which the union is asking for are moderate and fair.”

Read comments, share your thoughts, sign the petition to Pres. Barchi:

Please click here to sign our petition.

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December General Membership Meeting / Holiday Celebration of the Union of Rutgers Administrators

December 10, 2012 5:00- 7:30 pm

The Rutgers Club, 199 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 (parking available)


1. Reading of the minutes

2. Recognition of outgoing officers

3. Installation of new officers

4. Eat

5. Drink

6. Be merry: Music, games, etc.

All signed, dues‐paying members are welcome, but you MUST reserve your ticket by 4:00pm Thurs, Dec. 6. RSVP at this link; for questions contact the URA at or call (732) 745‑0300.

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Hurricane Relief Fund for AFT Members


Eligible AFT members affected by the storm should download the forms at this link and submit to the URA for information on obtaining additional assistance or to make donations. Additionally you can go to the AFTNJ’s site here.

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End of the Year Bonus


URA members who are in a URA position as of December 1 and continue to be so on the December 7 pay date will find a nice gift for their wallets….the $750 bonus that was part of the January 10th Salary Freeze Settlement Agreement. This bonus is a lump sum payment and will not increase the base of your salary and should appear as a separate item on your payment stub. If you do not receive the payment, please contact UHR and follow up with the URA at

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