URA-EJB Telecommuting Guidelines

What is in the “Memorandum of Agreement”?

This agreement is for E.J. Bloustein School staff only.  Telecommuting eligibility is for any overtime exempt (NL) employee. You may apply for “regular” or “occasional” telecommuting. “Regular” telecommuting is defined as from one to three days a week.

If your job does NOT pay you for overtime, and is NOT conducive to working away from office every week, you can still apply for Occasional telecommuting for a small number of days per year.

View the Memorandum of Agreement 

To Apply for Telecommuting

You Complete Request to Telecommute
Complete Safety Self Audit 
Review University Policy 70.1.1
Your Supervisor Complete Feasibility Assessment
You and Your Supervisor Complete Telecommuting Agreement
Second Level Supervisor Review/Approve  Telecommuting Agreement


Management approval of your telecommuting request is based on your department’s needs and the manager’s assessment of your job duties.

Management approval of your alternate worksite or home office is based only on working conditions during the workday e.g. such as safety, network connectivity.

Management approval of your alternate worksite or home office may be satisfied with photos instead of in-person visit.

A two-year trial period with a labor-management meeting after the first year to evaluate results. This agreement will sunset on June 30, 2018.

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