Question 16: Please describe in your own words the impact Cornerstone has had on you and your ability to do your job.
some invoices are getting lost, they are sent up via email and they never show up in the system.

this is frustrating when you have lots of invoices
I think it is fine, maybe more proper training sessions and communication. 
I submitted an expense report for travel to a conference in Chicago that took me hours to complete with several versions of documentation for the same line items. The report was rejected several times, one of the reasons was because I had not included the "invitation or itinerary" and the other was because I stayed for 2 additional days for personal reasons and could not provide a quote showing what my airfare would cost if I had returned immediately. There was also conflicting information provided by Rutgers regarding the per diem rate for meals in Chicago. One example listed $65/day the other $50/day. I understand the need for accuracy when it comes to finances but overkill comes to mind when I think of Cornerstone.
More time and energy spent in comparison with the previous system.
Running reports for the general ledger is a nightmare. When you run a report for the general ledger, it includes all projects expenses and the general ledger in the one report. You waste time and effort differentiating what charges belong to the general ledger. They need to come up with a better way to run a general ledger report.
the process is unclear, there is not much direction and it is all very time consuming and inefficient for the reasons that I use it.
1) There have been protracted issues with incorrect system re-routing of expense reports that caused several reports to languish in an approval loop for weeks (i.e., would incorrectly route to someone in HR). Notified appropriate parties several times (sent screenshots, etc.) and was told it was fixed, but it kept occurring. Several expense reports became over 60 days old due to the incorrect routing and approval loop errors, which caused me to need higher-level approval and resubmission, further extending the reimbursement timeline. This caused significant frustrations for my supervisor and myself.

2) Given the complexity of Sciquest and its non-intuitive nature, the PDF Powerpoint "training" for download is insufficient and does not address the full scope of activities involved in activities such as supplier management (i.e., the fact that one must still input a GL or Project String when updating a supplier address even though no purchase is being made), revising a PO, etc. Anything I have learned about the system I have learned on my own through trial and error.

3) When I joined Rutgers and asked questions about Cornerstone, I was told repeatedly there were in-person trainings for SciQuest and expense management, and was directed to a registration URL. However, there were no trainings scheduled on the calendar for 4 months into the future. Even a webinar walkthrough would have been helpful. Training quality and availability is woefully insufficient, especially considering many non-intuitive aspects of the system. For example, why am I required to input my work address as the "ship to" address, even though the check request has a different shipping address (i.e., honorarium to be sent to a speaker directly)? When should an attachment be uploaded internally versus externally in SciQuest?

4) The fact that one must click multiple links and "search" then "select" one's respective numbers for each portion of the GL String and Project String is time consuming and unnecessary. It would be best if the numbers could just be typed in and saved. (Currently, if the numbers are typed in and not selected through the multi-link process, the numbers are not saved and you must start over again.) Similarly, if I am not sure what account type number is appropriate, I must type in words and search each variant until I find something that fits. What would be less time consuming and more effective is to distribute a spreadhseet of all account codes organized by type. Otherwise, one is left searching several different terms and sifting through all the account codes that are returned - including completely irrelevant ones to my area. I understand that all of Rutgers uses the same system and therefore any account code name must be returned when I search a certain term (i.e., I see "fee for service" in the medical field when I am searching for "registration fee"), but this is where a spreadsheet organized by category would be helpful.

5) The process for obtaining access to Cornerstone components is not streamlined. I filled out multiple forms for submission to multiple parties, only to still receive an error message and be told that I needed to fill a different form for submission to a different party. This delayed my ability to perform the ordering and reimbursement functions significantly.
I only deal with approving payroll and occasional entries into PeopleSoft
While I do not use the system, my co-workers do and have had nothing but problems with the system. Our department had to hire another person because the work load was so heavy for our business administrator all due to the "new" system.

My vendors were not being paid and actually did not accept any more business from me until they were paid. This made me miss deadlines and made my boss really mad.
I use Cornerstone for TABER reimbursements.  While the system is overall ok, I feel there is room for many improvements for reimbursements.  When I log in as myself, I would think the system knows it's me and include my information instead of having to retype most things.  Also, when the auditor has an issue and needs more information I don't know how to relay that information back without completely withdrawing the TABER and starting the approval process all over from the beginning.  I try to reply to the email but it gets bounced back.  I do think if some additional changes were made this could work much better for the end user.
I started here only 4 months ago.
There is a lot of confusion with the process and the same seems to never end. Reimbursements take forever and there is a loot of red tape. It takes three times the amount of time to do anything now.
The ability to gain access and information in a timely manner
The constant change/update or de-bugging in the system hinders the my ability to fully understand the process.  
In the initial stages it was very challenging to get work with the system and get help from the help desk.  After a year, things have improved and Cornerstone is working much better and the help desk is very helpful.
Once the system is fully implemented and all aspects of processing various tasks are least time consuming, end users will be using much less time completing work. For now it still feels that we need to double our efforts in order to keep up with tasks. 
no comment
After one year I believe the system is easier to use for my purpose than Rias was. I'm self taught and learned it by experimenting and speaking with others who were figuring it out on their own. I've counseled others in unrelated departments who contacted me when they heard I had made progress with figuring out certain areas.
I don't use Cornerstone for financial purposes at work.
No Comment.
The impact on my ability to do my job = huge in the most negative way possible.

We were sold on something that never came to be. It was supposed to free up time, make our job tasks easier, smoother, and the system was to be more user-friendly. It's been a nightmare. There are hundreds of reports to choose from and you can't even just run a report and use it. You have to download it into excel, then format it, and more format in order to use it. And then find out it doesn't meet all your needs. Then run another report that requires more manipulation to find out and compare if that will meet your needs. Then receive more emails about Oracle and the General Ledger that the same reports have a workaround. And to run another report in addition. We are bombarded with several emails when placing a simple punchout order for Office Depot supplies for a little bit of copy paper yet we do not receive not even a single email if a blanket purchase order has run out of funds for the invoices being placed against it. Not even a single email if an invoice is more than the PO for it. In my humble opinion, this is a rollout that should have never happened. Somebody met their deadline and the rest of us in the trenches have been suffering ever since. And Rutgers is suffering from it. As Mike Gower sent us on July 5, "the financial management system did not come packaged with reports completely tailored for higher education institutions." Why not?? Why was software chosen that was not meant to be used in the bureaucratic world of a public higher education institution? We are the public ivy and yet we rolled out a financial management system not tailored to higher education let alone public higher education? This was obvious to all of us wasting hours and still wasting trying to learn the new system we were originally excited about at first and yet it was still astounding. Why was a system not tested effectively prior to rollout? If we were a business that produced tangible goods, we'd likely be on the verge of bankruptcy and millions owed just in contracts not fulfilled. Things have not gotten any easier 1 year out. Everything still takes more time. We still have to read and file away 4-6 emails for a ridiculously simple punchout order for Office Depot. And the orders still do not come timely due to Office Depot sub-contracting their shipping to a 3rd party. The trucking company that delivers the orders can only contact Office Depot.  Orders come days and up to a week later and we waste lots of time on the phone to an 800# or emails to the rep on orders that don't arrive when originally stated. And this is for the only process of Cornerstone that works decently. We get hundreds of emails about processes that we do not understand and we don't even know if we have to do anything about (Oracle, GL).  We get emails about commitment accounting and payroll says that's the business office and the business office says that's the payroll office. No longer can you fill out a simple, logical, journal entry form for either a GL or project account. We have to navigate and fill out fields in complicated excel worksheets for 4 different types of journal entries: a GL journal entry, or 3 different types of advanced project transfers. And then be told we did it wrong because there are so many different and wrong instructions floating around. It has caused undue stress and unrealistic expectations and every day feels like a day doomed to more failure of not being given adequate tools or support to do our jobs effectively, productively, or efficiently. 
It's made administrative processes more difficult and prohibits individual judgement or inter/intra department communications.  It was launched with pretty much ZERO effective beta testing. No one started off understanding how the full system worked - not management, not end users, and not the vendor - NO ONE accepted any responsibility for the proper functioning of the thing.  You call help desk or an assigned manager of a portion of the system and they have no idea how it works either.  It's improving - but basically it was dropped on everyone with no prior planning or thought by any party - not Rutgers, not the vendor.  The vendor dumped it and no one knew how to manage the system as a whole.  It's been utterly ridiculous - but we forge ahead -- admittedly still with pretty much zero confidence in the system or our training or that anyone ACTUALLY has any knowledge of how the thing works.
I used to send monthly grant reports to my Faculty and now I send them every few months.  It takes three times as long to complete one grant report.  You have to go into several reports just to check all the expenses and then make phone calls if the some of the expenses are missing.  I print everything that I approve.  I told the PI to make sure that I get all copies of the time report forms so I can make sure that they hit the account.  I have to instruct some of my faculty every time they prepare an Expense Report.  They complain how long it takes them to prepare their Expense Report.  I instruct all new students on the PI's grant.  The new system takes three times as long to complete tasks.  Some of the reports are still incorrect.  I do not see how this system is to improve our jobs.
I manage my own orders and reimbursements.  The cornerstone system doubled the time it takes to enter a reimbursement. For each item, I have to re-enter long strings of numbers.  The system should be able to remember the string for each project and have a simple 'add another' option where it saves the previous account  numbers.  Getting travel reimbursements for conferences is a nightmare. It can easily take me an hour to enter all travel expenses (food, hotel, plane, etc).

In regards to ordering items, once again the system is unnecessarily complicated.  The system, for whatever reason, is unable to process orders that use multiple funds to pay.  I place orders for 3 separate grant projects and to do a simple order of office supplies, I have to place each order under a different account. Unfortunately, I found this bug out the hard way.  I would submit and order and it would be returned to me immediately with no message or reason for why the order was being rejected. It took several days of trying different things to finally learn the reason my order had been submitted.

Overall, both these processes seem unnecessarily long and take up more time than the old system. 
I don't use cornerstone much. 
I believe Cornerstone is good, but we should get reimburse some money for our vehicle tire wear especially if is a new vehicle and lease too? Example-annual wheel alignment, oil change, brake & front end.   
the delays in vendors getting paid made working more difficult, negatively impacted efficiency 
Cornerstone has no effect on my job or performance.
The implementation has been a struggle and training on the new system is a major issue to me.  I have to deal with many preparers that do not know who to use the system.  Also I get a lot of complaints that the reporting process is brutal in this system and even from a procurement standpoint there doesn't seem to be many if any good reports I can use.
The lack of helpful reports is astounding after so much time.  The lack of training has also caused tremendous problems.  Just when you think you might find a report that is helpful, it gets taken down.  This new system was not made for a large university like Rutgers.  This has caused a backlog of my work by approximately 6 months.  
At this time, I only use Cornerstone to place orders with vendors.  Originally I was informed that when placing an order, I'd be able to see the different stages of processing it was on.  This has never been the case. 

Our program is located off-campus, and our address was never entered as a delivery address in the Cornerstone system.  As a result, we travel from Newark to New Brunswick to pick up our Office Depot orders because we are told that our address can't be added into the system.

I started at Rutgers in August so I have nothing to compare.  I do not think it is user friendly to an untrained, brand new to Rutgers person.  I have figured out most of it after much trial and error on my own.  
I have not been trained to use Cornerstone yet. (New employee 12/18/17)
It's difficult to do my job when this system keeps having issues especially when reports have incomplete information, when JEs do  not post even when they are done correctly due to a technical glitch, etc
I just started my position at Rutgers shortly after the implementation of Cornerstone, so I cannot compare it to how it was before. I will say that it is tedious to get payments set up with vendors, and even more so to open large purchase orders etc. I would not say the system is user friendly. The way things are displayed makes it hard to have an overview of accounts or purchase orders we have open.
Still Learning...
Really slows down productivity. It can be quite frustrating.
The pre-population of incorrect account strings causes double the work to be down. Requisitions and expense reports often have to be rerouted several times to attempt to correct these issues.  Majority of the time, the issue is with the system and there is nothing we can do except wait until it is resolved. In the meantime, plenty of work continues to pile as we wait.
don't use it.
The expense report process is now much improved.
I have found that there are many challenges to working with Cornerstone because I received no formal training on the systems I need to use. 
 In addition, many of the systems depend upon follow up steps from other staff members where no turnaround time is indicated and often times weeks pass before any movement on these tasks occurs.

There have also been challenges relating to the ability to use specific vendors either due to lost information or unpaid bills.
I do not work with Cornerstone.  Sorry I cannot contribute towards this survey. 
I have not been impacted at all. I do not use Cornerstone as a Library Associate II
This system requires much time and effort to be productive within the time span given.
   The system works as long as there are not other job attributes and functions in conjunction with operations. Hope this helps. 
It's been very difficult 
I don't use it. I have had someone in the office process a reimbursement for miles or a purchase, & it took very long for the refund.
Rias was much better
as with any new system there is a transition period, however with cornerstone the transition was very quick and steep. 1 year later there are system functions that could probably enhance the day to day work flow if one had the time to learn them. In an effort to keep up with your daily work flow and learn the system makes it very difficult to do both.
no answer
I don't have much interaction with Cornerstone. However, payment delays and general on-boarding of service providers is challenging to manage when other priorities need to be addressed. 
Cornerstone is very involved and takes a lot to getting use to.........

I use cornerstone to process reimbursements, pay vendors, generate check requests for honorariums (etc.)....this also involves putting the request in to get vendors and people into the system.  All of this is very simple and easy to do.  Journal entries (project to project) are difficult and very confusing.   We "worker bees" do not have the time to read all of the emails that come on a daily basis regarding the system.  We do not have the time to comprehend all of this information and still get our work done.  It would be very helpful if there were personnel available and phone numbers available to call and speak to someone directly when a situation arises with regard to taking care of something.  At this point, it is a hunt and peck......try to find out from one person who the person I might need to talk to regarding whatever it is I am trying to do.
I was ashamed to be a Rutgers employee because of Cornerstone.  When word got out to the media about the problems we were having - I thanked God that the media didn't know the half of it.  We couldn't even get potable drinking water in my building (one of the oldest on campus) for over 6 months because we couldn't pay our vendor.  
The system has had little impact on the ability to do my job.  I only use the system for expense reporting.
it's workable.
I do not use Cornerstone in my current role.
No support, adequate training or follow up
I find that the financial reporting system is not as user-friendly as the previous program we used. 

At Rutgers Business School, we have a business manager on whom we rely very, very, very heavily.  It the truth that with each new change, we consult her and her team  before taking any action.  Thus, we have become heavily reliant on them instead of being securely confident in our own abilities while doing our jobs.  (They are always there to help us, although I don't think is precisely their jobs, and they never complain.   They setup a document repository system for "How-To-Do's", and this has proven very helpful in between training sessions.)

The financial reports were a nightmare--the info is every changing and I learned most of what I know from the URA Training--The facilitator was absolutely Awesome! 


I must say that The Cornerstone people have sought via focus-group meetings with employees who wanted to participate, ways to improve processes and to get a sense of how Cornerstone is working. 

Hot issue:  Many supervisors don't know what's going on in Cornerstone (i.e.  running/reading reports for financial planning, how to search using Market Place, etc.  Therefore, they require the subordinate to do more of their job responsibilities instead of attending necessary trainings.  (Specifically, my supervisor actually sent me to 3 different trainings--with my peers who knew no more than I did, and help-desk people in NB that had absolutely nothing to do with whatever her training goals were for me.  It was due to the fact that she couldn't find items in they system, nor did she know how to read/run reports.  To cover up for this, she complained publicly via email that I didn't know my job and that I was somehow lacking in knowledge of the Cornerstone system. 

Also, payroll and HR onboarding, etc is not in my job description, however the new system automation implies that it is now my responsibility of mine. 

The Hot issues I mentioned above have seriously consequences for the subordinate employee evaluation, as it comes up during the P4P process and may ultimately impact his/her reputation.   
My use of cornerstone is limited. The aspects I have used have been fine for me. 
In my current position at Rutgers, I interact with Cornerstone for reimbursement of funds for travel expenses related to Rutgers recruitment through the Office of University Undergraduate Admissions. The process for that task is so tedious and cumbersome. Yes, the funds get reimbursed as deposited directly into my account. However, the process is extremely tedious and time consuming.   
I have had limited use of Cornerstone since its launch. However, I have had good experience with payroll and reimbursement in terms of tracking where in the process it is and when I will be getting paid. That has been helpful in my personal money management.

I do not use Cornerstone so it does not affect my ability to do my job. 
I only started working here on January 2nd of this year. So far I love my new job and the company, they seem to handle everything in a very professional manner always looking out for students' and staff's best interest.
thank you
Takes up too much time just trying to figure out the system.  A task that would normally take 30 mins can easily turn into a full day's work!
Made most things more complicated, unable to do some things that used to be doable.
GL codes are confusing for both us and the customers. Much of the time we are unaware if we have been paid for services or not. 
It‰Ûªs very difficult to get a response from anyone when you are experiencing system issues or errors. 
It makes managing grants and creating invoices and supporting documentation extremely difficult. So much so that it has been my recommendation at my Institute to have a 2nd set of books so that we can create our own real-time reports.
In many ways it has been an improvement, though the areas that are still experiencing issues are having an impact.
I feel like the system wasn't fully worked out before implemented and we've been playing catch-up ever since to the detriment of the work needing to be done.
Using Cornerstone has not impacted my ability to do my job. It is simply a different way to submit my paper work. It is a decent program, it hasn't saved me much time but I do get my reimbursements back a bit sooner than before. 
I feel there should have been more shadowing of the past system before they totally switched over to the new system.  I also think it would have been helpful to have round table discussions once we had been using the system for a while.  We would have had a better ideas of issues that were causing us problems.  I don't like that every issue had a ticket assigned - sometimes things got resolved and sometimes they did not.  It seemed there was a revolving door people working on the help desk and you had to go back to square one for the same problems each time.  It was difficult at first to get help in resolving problems.  We got messages that mailboxes were full and quite often no one responded to emails.  It has been better lately though.  The new chart of accounts is definitely more time consuming- there is a lot of repetition.  I think this wastes of a lot of time.  I do like that other departments can go online and look things up without me having to stop and look things up for them.  I think we get a ton of unnecessary emails regarding the processing of requisitions.  We should be able to go into each requisition and look up what has been done instead of receiving all of these emails.  I don't like the fact there have been changes to the way things should have been done and we are not told until much later after the fact.  For example journal entries-  we only recently found out about using project numbers. This enables information to be pulled into reports that are useful to many people.  Overall, do like the information provided and the availability of shared information to other areas.  I think this system has good potential and is able to do a lot more than we have been trained to use it for.  I look forward to further training.

It really caused a lot of stress learning the new system without the most effective training program.  There is a lot of frustration when you call the support team and the automatic voice system answers and asks you to leave your name and phone # in order to call you back in 24 hours, but no one return your call. Likewise, or when a person from  the support team answers and they do not know the answer to your  question (s), so, they give you a ticket number and tell you someone will call you back, but again no one returns your call, or they call back after you have already solved the problem yourself.

After a year the system is working better, but it still needs improvement.

I found the implementation a nightmare.  Things kept changing and we were not informed until we were told it was not done that way. In the beginning the helpdesk was of little help. They had people to answer the phone but not your questions.

The system & terms should be more user friendly if all types of staff are to use it.  Not everyone is a finance or accounting person.
takes days to get a PO... maybe even longer.  When you look up payment info its usually incorrect especially the dates.  Management has no clue of how to handle the billing to the UDO string - no one is coming to agreement of what accounts should be charged.  A lot of vendor/supplier info was entered incorrectly and some of it remains that way till today, have to double check that the correct email or fax info before submitting etc.  Training was a complete waste of time, I went three times to training and still had a hard time trying to figure out the system at first, the software wasn't very intuitive, and I'm pretty computer literate.  As for checking up on payments - I'm not sure the info is even accurate - a lot of times there's a date for check with no check number assigned... so I'm assuming there's a glitch in payment so the vendor didn't get paid, but yet I still get checks back from suppliers saying they have been double paid on certain invoices.   So the whole system is pretty shaky - good way to hide money I guess or at least not keep too good track of it.   
I really don't have any complaints.  The process works better now.
makes it easier for self service
not user friendly
The process was very slow toget information or to reach someone who can give you information.
Allows for quicker reimbursements than previously. I use to wait a month to get reimbursed, now it's just a few days. Major improvement!
The longer I work with the system the easier it gets for my vendors and me; however, payments do take longer to reach vendors, in part because of the more intensive paperwork and vetting system we must navigate to move from requisition to payment. 
Sometimes it's hard to figure out and get accurate information. I think there should be "hands-on" courses given for faculty and staff employees. The courses that are taught are just basic instructions and sometimes get canceled or you're put on a waiting list. 
Takes double the time to do any job and there is NO ONE that can answer your questions. Frustrating, time consuming, aggravating and NO ONE CARES NO ONE HELPS!
I would appreciate, as a preparer of payroll, more flexibility in the format of the hours log.  When I do payroll, all of my entries are HREG and WOrkstudy but I have to click for every line which is 2 lines per week per student for 30+ students.  Also, since payroll is for two weeks at a time (sometimes the dates are different around holidays) I would like if two weeks of time could be displayed on the same page so I only have to submit once.

Not sure if this is a cornerstone issue or a department one, but I have been waiting 5 months for my access (I am in a new administrative role) to be granted to the absence reporting system so that I may input vacation and other days for the staff I supervise.  I also have not been able to access the Marketplace.  As I said, i am not sure if this is more of a departmental issue, perhaps the system is not user friendly and the dept is having trouble making these changes since my new administrative role is actually brand new to our department as well.

I attended a Requisition training the other day as well and it was set up for people who have already used the system so I really did not follow any of it since I am new to it.
I'm happy that we can submit travel expenses electronically.
I actually like Cornerstone better than RIAS.  For what I do, there is much more functionality.
Instead of making accounting procedures easier here at Rutgers, it has done the opposite.
 It's confusing, convoluted, slow, frustrating, and sophomoric.
 I know Rutgers Financial thought they 'got a good deal' but you get what you pay for.
 Poor decision from upper administration, but that's not surprising. 
I have limited experiences with it. I have used it for some functions but not many. It has worked fine every time I have used it and have not had many user issues other than getting lost in where to find things. I do not feel as though there was much info about it given to me as a new employee unless I lost that info in the adjustment period. 
It is not user friendly. The user should be able to review the status of the transaction. The communication feature does not exist. 
Not used much
New email system Rutgers Outlook is very poor.
Accounting strings need to be intuitive- tied to the user.... mileage should require a map attachment every time, and there should be a standard mileage for Rutgers locations and permanent home addresses... selection options... instead of an upload.
no comment
Cornerstone may be useful for higher up reports, but it is not designed for project reporting in my opinion.  Monitoring/reconciling accounts takes 3 to 4 times longer than it did before.  For grants, I miss the Discoverer SS, and SD reports that were so straightforward and could be run with a finite end-date.  The SS had a YTD version that was also very useful, and a revenue/expense YTD version that we used for non-sponsored projects.  The reports/queries that replaced these reports simply don't measure up.  On the non-sponsored side, we finally got a report (RU PJ 060) about mid-year in FY17 (I think) that could be used to track those projects.  It provided a carry over balance (from year-end FY16) that was very useful since these non-sponsored projects are monitored on a one-year at a time basis.  The problem is that we are still waiting for a RU PJ 060 report with a carryover from year-end FY17, so in the meantime we are forced to monitor/analyze these projects on a two year basis FY17/FY18, which complicates things for sure.  Will we need to do this on a 3 year-basis in FY19?  Hope this report issue is resolved soon.  
It is as simple as this. Rutgers implemented Cornerstone when they simply were not ready to. Do not get me wrong, I believe Cornerstone to be much more user-friendly than RIAS was and Cornerstone gives us much more accessibility when it comes to viewing account balances and such. Where they went wrong was properly training the University on using the system. They essentially threw us into the wolves and made us figure it out on our own which caused many frustrations for a lot of us.

I would be far less angry if Rutgers gave us more training material to depend on when looking for answers. On top of that, whenever we would call our business managers for answers, THEY wouldn't even have a clue on how to do a certain thing. They should have all been trained on Cornerstone like the back of their hand so that when we had questions, we could turn to somebody for answers.

Still to this day, I swear that if Rutgers just took the time to create a "Cornerstone Manual", ALL problems would have been resolved because we easily could have turned to the manual on "how to do x" and it would have eliminated many frustrations for us.
I am responsible for managing both the center operating accounts and the sponsored projects.   Tracking grants has been challenging, at best, since implementation.  Altho we finally have reports that seem accurate, they are not what the PI's want to see, and i therefore spend a great deal of time combining, removing, and summarizing data from multiple reports.   In addition, I can no longer do journals for the projects which puts more of the work load on grant acct'g while not actually reducing my own - the paperwork submitted to Grant Acct'g takes longer than the journal would for me to complete it!

Also, the "project" accounts use a completely different reporting mechanism than the GL, which for me, has been problematic.  I am now practiced in the reporting used for the projects, but have to refer to notes on how to run (and read) the reports for the GL b/c they use different formats.  It really shouldn't be this complicated.

Lastly, i will point out that i was working at UPenn when they (under Provost Barchi) rolled-out a new "state of the art" financial system.  it, too, had glitches, but was functional and completely user-friendly within weeks of implementation.  i was, therefore, looking forward to having a more modern system here that would allow us to track expenses and manage accounts more effectively, but that is not what happened.  We are getting there, but the frustrations are ongoing and over-complicated.  it seems that there was not enough research and/or development done by central mgt & the vendor on the back end to anticipate the inherent bugs of this system.  There is no excuse to go months w/o functionality.
Dept bills not paid
I don't really use Cornerstone. 
No comment.
It takes me a lot longer to complete all processing now. The numbers are so long and if it has a project number you have to look up even more information. The reports don't seem to give the information we often need. Too many drill downs to find the information you are looking for. 
At the conversion, no one knew exactly how to work the GL and Project strings as it correlated with the old account numbers.  As a result, a lot of the payroll was charged to incorrect accounts which also resulted in a lot of changes in charging instructions and SWRJs
very frustrated with the Oracle reports to manage my sponsor research accounts.

a. we have to run so many different reports to verify the true balance of an account. it is taking at least an

    hour or more to get the true balance of an account

b. the report query are not user friendly

c. some of the report query options are not working

d. there is no shadow system to enter the payroll commitment like the old system, REX

e. the open PO commitment balances are not accurate and we need to run different reports to verify the true open PO commitment balance

f. I don't think the users are being consulted when reports are generated

g. all we need is just to chrome all the FUNCTIONs in REX system and it's Reports

h. there is no option to attached detail in the Journey Entry as backup for audit

i. we were working so much smarter with the REX system; it let us drill dawn all transactions detail in one

   place instead of running various reports to get one information

j. I used to love my job and enjoy my work everyday. Since this new system, I'm just doing my best to keep everything straight and every day is just a working day.  Also trying to remind myself that I can not save the whole world just go with the flow....everyday.   


***** I assumed this is confidential, I don't want my name reveal in anywhere with my above feedback****
I do not really use cornerstone that much, though I am aware of how to use it.  When I do use it its fairly easy for me to navigate.  I wouldn't say it works wonderfully with no hiccups but it gets the job done when possible.
I am a casual user. Enter PO's only. The process to enter PO's is quicker then RIAS. Payment to vendors seems to take a very long time and that looks negatively on our dept as well as Rutgers.

Cornerstone hasn't affected my ability to do my job.
The new reimbursement system is the best feature. For the most part, it is now easier to submit reimbursements for all my regular people.

RU Marketplace is now working fairly well for most regular purchases. Punchout is easy. Adding new vendors is easy. However, the system is still slow. Sometimes vendor requests or invoices will sit for weeks without being processed.

Transfers/journal entries are the biggest mess. Before Cornerstone, only the business office could process them. Most of us did not have access. Now, we are expected to do them ourselves. Which would be fine, except that the terms make no sense to us. We are told to put negatives to make something positive. We have no idea what the columns mean where we are plugging in numbers. And the worst part is that half the time, the spreadsheet doesn't work at all. So IT has to come reinstall everything. Something that should take 10 minutes winds up taking half the day. I would like to see a simple web form with fields that we could enter, with the terms in plain English (eg. Account to Debit, Account to Credit, Amount, Reason). These values could then be transferred to the spreadsheet in the appropriate places. We are not accountants and shouldn't be expected to learn and understand the technical terms required for this work.

I cannot purchase Items our lab needs on time because of business issues.  Often times I have to purchase supplies with my own money and wait to get reimbursed.  Sometimes I do not have the money to spend and have to either put it on a credit card where I get charged interest to my personal account, that is not reimbursed or I have to use money that I do not have enough of, so I have to skip meals or not afford things that my family needs because of buying supplies, or even become overdrawn and pay additional fees that do not get reimbursed.  Our lab often uses items that I can only get from home depot for field work, but I always have to put my personal money upfront so our work does not stop.  It is unfair.  We need to have dependable ways to purchase what we need that does not require me as an employee to front the money and pay interest on it or have extra fees b/c of it.  The past handling of Home Depot accounts left RU on a bad record with them, this is completely irresponsible. It is not rocket science.  
My duties are limited with Cornerstone, whereas, I no longer perform the payroll or  human resource aspect of my position since the merger.
I do not work with Cornerstone directly very much, but due to technical issues or poor training issues with Cornerstone have held up many tasks and projects that I have been a  part of, especially regarding the ability to get payments processed and have IPOs function properly.  Things seemed to have gradually improved and the ability to get problems address seems to have become faster, which is helpful.  I am just grateful that using Cornerstone is not a large part of my job, because I can't imagine the stress and frustration those who do use it daily must have went through.

All of this being said, it is my general impression that if everything works properly and users can get the necessary training, the Cornerstone system is a significant improvement over our previous financial systems.
its takes double the amount of time to do anything anymore, especially when it comes to running/getting information from reports!
I feel this way - you go to Sears to buy a washer and dryer - most of the sales people are men. Not to sound sexist but how many of those men are using those machines? Same goes for Cornerstone. The ground floor operations are not working as they should because the people that bought it are not the users!

Everything takes so many steps and clicks! I am a requistioner - when one gets rejected it's like looking for a needle in a hay stack to figure out what's causing the rejection. The verbiage in the History tab of the Req is not easy to understand. Maybe a Cornerstone dictionary  can be created - " xyz attribute" what does that even mean?

The Journal Process is another story! I have been doing a JE every month in the same way since last fiscal year with no issues - the transaction was getting recorded in the GL and the Project. Then all of a sudden is doesn't load in both places when I do it last month. I get all sorts of e-mails saying that I used the wrong job aid - meanwhile it's a system issue. UGH.

Reports - my job doesn't have me use many but when I do it's so time consuming and inefficient.  I see the battles my supervisors have when trying to use them as well.

Training classes and materials are getting better thanks to the people that use the system.

That "upgrade" was BS by the way.

Too many reports to get information. REX system was excellent for day to day balances and commitments.

Oracle reports needs more consolidation as to payroll, expenses etc. 
I have had very little interaction with Cornerstone.  Based upon my observations and what other people tell me this whole process has been fraught with problems and inconsistencies, which is unfortunate for anyone having to rely on this program.
I do not like the new system.  I have had nothing but issues since this system came into play.  I wish we could go back to the old system.
I am still unable to get a clear accounting of grant revenues and expenditures.
Never used it. Survey is irrelevant to me. 
It has made our jobs harder
I only rely on the office manager to deal with the actual day to day with cornerstone.  My job can be affected by reimbursements.
Overall Cornerstone has improved. Design needs to be modified, especially when we have process IPO, there is an extensive list of departments and no field for search the department needed. Too much time to scroll down all departments to select the one is needed.
I am still able to perform my job responsibilities
so much efforts to get simple task done
I don't work to much with Cornerstone.
As requisitioner, I believe there  should be a faster way to find the supplier your are looking for in Marketplace without having to go thru the 400+ pages in the system. For instance, given the item number is known beforehand, then I believe there should be a search key function to allow me to do so in a more effective way. It takes too long to go thru all these pages to find the item you are looking for.   We can use some help here!
As a previous user of RIAS, it may have had its issues but it was much more functional and easier to navigate.  The biggest issue I have with Cornerstone is running reports, especially with payroll.  Also, one of the biggest reports that I used most frequently in Discoverer was the CD and SD reports. These are the last reports in development and the most needed by my fellow preparers.  Finding a report is also hard to navigate.  The whole system is not user-friendly.
The transition negatively impacted my ability to effectively pay vendors in a timely fashion, which has further implications for my ongoing purchasing relationship with those vendors going forward.
I do not use Cornerstone often enough to truly form an opinion.
Cornerstone has been an improvement to a very "old" payroll system.
I do not use Cornerstone in my current position
It works.
I work very little with Cornerstone but know that it is a challenge for our business manager.
I only use Marketplace and I think this product is great!
The hardest part has been getting the correct list of account numbers to use.  I use the system for purchasing and expense reimbursements and it works fine as long as you know what accounts to charge to, and assuming the approvers do their part in a timely manner.

In the beginning, with expenses, some reports were held with an auditor but no one tells you why. 

Over the year, there have been two or three times when the system had some type of failure on a particular date.  Unfortunately, no one tells you that any requisition you processed that day will just sit there. Eventually you call the help desk and they tell you "there was a problem that day you'll have to redo it."  
Reimbursements usually are held up by management not routinely reviewing and approving. It takes a month or more to get reimbursed. Sometimes the  reimbursements, especially for travel to conferences involve hundreds of dollars and the emnployee is out that money for a significant time.
No comments.
Corner Stone does not work properly on a consistent basis.  It has added at least 2 hours of work to my job.  In addition there are any really good reports that are easy to read that you can provide to PI's
The help and support for the implementation of Cornerstone has been minimal and greatly impacted the school's ability to convey fund information to internal departments. The lack of access to reports previously utilized has proven to be detrimental. 
Not Good. Complicated
Time consuming/not user friendly.
I only use the system to enter travel expenses.
Cornerstone took away time form handling my daily responsibilities
Cornerstone has been difficult. Not user-friendly. Not intuitive at all. Almost an issue on a daily basis. An international wire transfer took me weeks for it to finally be processed. I tried getting assistance and I was switched over to so many different people. Getting reports is a big problem. Most of the time, they are not available or they no longer exist. It's just been a nightmare.
The Cornerstone process has been horrific, absolutely horrible. It has cost me an inordinate amount of time even a year later due to vendors reporting that bills were still not paid. Most of these complaints lead back to October 2016 during the blackout - in fact even today I still sometimes hear from vendors whose bills have not been paid even though I have processed them several times over the past year. It has been an incredible time sink, very, very frustrating for me and the vendors I work for. They certainly dread working with Rutgers knowing it will be a miracle if they are paid within 45 days.
Cornerstone have been very stressful, confusing and not easy to work with. This change should have never been made.
The new system has not simplified work life in our department but has actually created more work for our area. We now have to do all the cash and credit card journal entries which are roughly 53-55 per day because we are food service with 28 different entities running daily.  On Mondays we come back to an enormous amount because most locations are open on the weekends as well.  Our department not only had to absorb this but the other problem is that these entries are not approved and posted in a timely manner.  I do not understand how with all the manpower cashiers had keying the cash transmittals they only assign one person to review all the deposits for the entire university. Sometimes our deposits are not approved and posted until 10-12 days later, which again it's hard to look at the G/L and see how the businesses are doing if their income is not reflected.  The way the process is now we can't even get a prior month glimpse until almost 2 months later so the general ledger reporting is ineffective.  We have to continue to keep our excel reports and then spend days once the GL does close tying out the numbers. 

There are a lot of good people working in University Accounting / Finance who have helped us through rough patches but you have to get to know who they are because often times the help desk is in the dark and knows very little.
Submission of expense reports is still a time-consuming and frustrating process. I am still waiting for a reimbursement that I requested back at the beginning of December. My submission was approved, but then sent to a second approver who has long since retired from Rutgers! My money is just sitting in limbo. I didn't dally in paying these expenses when I incurred them on Rutgers behalf, and it is unfair that, almost two months later, I am still waiting for my reimbursement. Please help!
If you would have asked me how the SAS management team handled:

- Documentation / Instructional guides

- Training of end users

I would give the survey a 10.  Heather DeMeo from SAS is a true blessing.  She provides us with outstanding detail guidelines and instructions along with holding open session training on each campus once a month.  This is very beneficial for the staff as Cornerstone is lacking this.
It hasn't had any impact on the ability to do my job
I used to distribute 4 reports to about 20 different departments.  They were easy to interpret and to use for forecasting end of year balances.  Now, the reports are very confusing, time consuming, and unable to

print unless you want to distribute a 50-60 page report.  Training has been very limited although there are a few classes this month.  It is impossible for me to advise my departments on their balances etc.
 Recently became user and have attended a few training sessions that were helpful. However, would be useful when first joining to have a tutorial or some sort of 101 breakdown given on how to navigate and properly set up.
I believe that the new system the processes take so much longer , many more steps when the old system certain things ran smoothly .

I thought a new system would streamline proccesses to be more seamless. Instead it is the opposite.

All aspects take so much more time.
Cornerstone has been a disaster.  The expense reimbursement area is extremely time consuming.  We got practically no guidance-people had to ask questions on the Rutgers Personals in order to get answers to problems with the system.  Ridiculous!
The process to request rimbursement is too dependent on the user getting way too many codes entered correctly. Some of the codes should be profiled dependent on the users dept, role etc. also, they seem to change constantly and there is not an effective form of communicating the changes timely.  Once submitted, it takes an excessive amount of time to complete the request (from submission to payment).
It was too much all at once. The worst part they implemented the system without ironing out all the bugs. The system was not functional when it rolled out and no one knew how to fix it. A huge mess for staff.  Waited at least a month for a so so answer which meant the people running it had no idea either.  Well they pushed it out on time and all the people involved got their huge bonuses (good for them and Barchi). The system is too complicated for what we need as far as running financial reports. I just want to go in a see what our balance is and what encumbrances I have and it just does not work well. Spend all day trying to figure out the financials and I know I am not the only one before it was a few clicks and we had the information. And way too many emails, enough already. 
I found that Discoverer was much easier and to look into budget information
The entire operation has increased our "non-productive" time because of the hoops that we have to jump through to get things done. We literally spend days trying to reconcile problems and trying to track down solutions. We have a few key interactions which have been positive/helpful but for the most part it has increased our administrative burden considerably. This is further exacerbated by our being located off campus which has caused interruptions to our operations. Our deliverables (core service goals) have not changed or have increased, but the administrative burden has increased significantly. As an example, we "lost" 25% of our operational time in 1Q17 due to infrastructure problems caused by bills not being processed. We routinely get late charges from vendors whose bills are not paid in a timely fashion even though the monthly charges are consistent month-to-month. Those late charges have to be absorbed back into our budget even though we followed the correct process but the processing in the system got fouled up.
I can't tell if the changes I am experiencing are due to Cornerstone or something else.
I believe the payroll system should be updated. Things go in but if there is an error, nothing can be done to fix it. It has been very difficult for me at times to fix an error which pushes people paychecks back for a whole month. There has got to be something better out there. I have called a few times asking to fix something or pull an assignment back and am always told there is nothing we can do.

How do you have a system you cannot fix when there is an error. Its ridiculous.
For one who does not have deep roots at Rutgers, it is hard to get the information needed in order to ask the right questions.  Information has to be dug through and drilled down, and that takes a great deal of time.
Ordering Supplies and keeping tracking of the approval is good 
I don't use it
Now that I have learned how to use it, I feel it has some great benefits the old system didn't. Specifically you can see if a contract is in place with a vendor with contract expiration date so if you are buying bigger ticket items you may not have to do the additional paperwork to get a PO.

Invoice processing has improved some but we still see invoices that were sent being skipped.  It would be ideal if they had a video explaining what their procedure is which would alleviate a lot of the questions and concerns.  We have no idea what steps they take to get an invoice into the system and if people knew they would have a better understanding and perhaps a bit more patience when some things aren't entered in a timely fashion.  They should also let us know what the procedure is when you see an invoice that was sent a month before is still not in if it should be sent again to the AP email address or if it should be sent directly to the person in charge of that vendor.  This would alleviate a lot of duplicate invoice entries which just gives the AP staff more work to process them.
I feel very strongly that the University launched Cornerstone prematurely. There should have been testing for 1 year and a great deal of training.
I don't need it, unless for my travel & expenses.
It make my job allot better. I'm able to help departments and vendors so much more.
I am sorry but I am of little help on this.   My concerns with Cornerstone was in the beginning when my vendors were not being paid but that seems to be fixed.
lack of access to old banner purchase orders for inventory purposes. 
I would like say that Cornerstone is not the most user friendly application.  
It feels like Rutgers implemented this system before anyone was fully trained in its use - and by anyone, I mean even those that are supposed to train us.  As a result, regardless of which function you need to use, if there is a question, it is often difficult to get that question answered in a timely manner.  With difficulty in getting questions answered, one turns to coworkers for help - often interrupting them and causing a delay in their work day

No Commet
I used Cornerstone minimally but the few things I use it for don't work efficiently. It sends my carts to the wrong approving manager and there has been no attempt to resolve it.
I spend entire days working on single purchases. My job description says that 10% of my time should be spent on purchasing, but realistically, it's more like 40%. As the only full-time staff member in my department, I really can't afford to spend this much time on purchasing. Furthermore, I can't generate a list of expenses myself, so I have to keep budget records by hand.

Here's my current nightmare: I am in the midst of a purchase that is taking more than two months to complete. It was initially sent to the wrong set of approvers and took weeks to get shifted back to the right track. When it finally made it to the right people, they returned it due to a "new security requirement" (a 113-part questionnaire). I asked the vendor to complete the questionnaire and started the requisition from scratch. It got to the final stage of approval, and then I was told that I needed a person CV for the owner of the company as part of the Sole Source form, when initially I had been told that a list of past project would suffice. My vendor is getting impatient, and this project should have already been completed, yet we can't start until the requisition is approved.
no comment.
The system has comparably little impact on what I do compared to at the time of its roll-out. I do wish there were a more transparent approach to running reports, and/or ways to modify purchasing and reporting based on the needs of particular departments and centers. 
I've never used Cornerstone for anything other than submitting claims for reimbursement, and no one has communicated with me about the ability for the platform to do anything else.
unable to attend meetings because of times and places offered. System is hard to learn, imputes numbers randomly and cant believe the University spent so much money to take a step backwards.
It's exhausting! I dread every requisition I need to place, because 80% of the time ( if it's not an office depot order!) it gets rejected. I then spend at least a week back and forth trying to reach procurement to understand why the order was rejected. Many times it's been automatically rejected due to a systematic error. Once, due to a system error, I spent about 5 months trying to pay a single bill. The vendor was extremely upset, which was understandable. Further, there is little to no consistency with how different orders are processed; then, there are no guidelines able to be found about how to resolve/treat different problems/orders. Overall, Cornerstone is extremely frustrating, there is little training, and due to the amount of issues, it is extremely difficult to reach anyone to resolve issues in a timely manner.
As I am a new user to Cornerstone I cannot give an honest opinion on it's impact. I do wish there were clear instructions for each task that needs to be done.
Sometimes things do not always come back as quickly as they should given the new system is supposed to be speedier. 
It has negatively impacted my work and resulted in delays in processes.
Cornerstone is a straight forward program that has been easy for me to use. 
Cornerstone is an efficient platform for many resources and the turn over time for reimbursements is excellent. 
I do not have a lot of use for cornerstone, aside from processing reimbursements for myself--which I have needed assistance to do from an admin asst. and even then the requests were returned and had to be amended and re-submitted. The entire process requires that you know strings of budget numbers that I can't personally make any sense of.
I did not work with the old system, so i have nothing to compare it to personally.  Some of my co-workers have expressed great displeasure with the new system when compared to the old system.  Cornerstone is much harder to work with, not as user friendly, and makes us do 10 steps to get to the information we need when it used to only take 1 step.
Cornerstone has been a challenge from the very beginning. The data migration from RIAS was a disaster (leaving out vendors) depending on some whim from whoever did it.

 Adding new vendors takes weeks...yes weeks and that is not good.

I had been pleased by the training until we found that basically we were lied to. I was told that changing accounts would not be an issue. As a preparer, I select accounts (projects), but sometimes my approver has knowledge about the account that has not gotten to me. It would be the kind of thing where she should have been able to go in and change it-no problem. But that is not the case.

 Having orders returned and the explanation is so vague that we have no idea what they are talking about.

Getting orders paid.
We have not had access to any type of budget report since this was put into place.  Our division's departmental reports are intertwined, and that if we were given access to our reports, we would be able to see other departmental reports.  Rather than being able to go in to see our account, we must request it of our division's budget office.
In person training and refresher courses should be made available year round.
I was hired the same month the new system was implemented.  I do not know what the system was like before.
The impact Cornerstone since inception has had on me and my ability to do my job became and remains to be extremely difficult as compared to pre conversion.  The amount of time it takes to reconcile a grant has tripled since you need to use various reports, i.e. 505 summaries, 73 for detailed expenses,  payroll reports which seldom tie out to the 505 report.  You need to use different reports for different accounts vs. REX where you just logged on and voila, you had all your accounts simply laid out.

Every day something is wrong with the systems.  Yesterday 1/24/18 and still this morning 1/25/18, I can not get into Discoverer to run payroll reports for a grant I am reconciling.  An email did not go out  that the system was down until 2:38  yesterday, yet at 8:30am I could not run a payroll report.  This type of thing happens way too often.  Everytime there's an update the Expense Reporting system functions change.  i.e. since the last update, as an approver, I can no longer add an attachment or reassign an expense report.  It's still not fixed yet Cornerstone says they are working to rectify this. 

It's just unbelievable that they would replace REX which was simple, fast and very effective with something so insanely cumbersome and ineffective.  I have spoken with faculty members who feel the same way.  Again, it's unbelievable and quite frankly unacceptable that Rutgers let this happen and continues to deny the blantantly ineffective system.
I would like there to be a step by step process on how to do things. I was given the basics and then left to figure it out. The reimbursement system is so frustrating, the tab to see where something is sitting is not always accurate.....why is that? I've almost withdrawn expense reports that were actually approved....not that the system told me that. I'm not afraid of new systems, my whole career I've learned and moved forward with new systems......we just need to know the process and then the process has to work the way it's suppose to....not some of the times! thank you for listening!
I only use Cornerstone to order supplies and pay vendor, most of whom are already entered in the system.  I find these tasks fairly straight forward and simple.  
 Please describe in your own words the impact Cornerstone has had on you and your ability to do your job
I have not had any training on Cornerstone. The roll-out was not stressful for me specifically, but it caused chaos and unhappiness for many of my colleagues. I still don't really understand the system or how it has streamlined processes. 
Being able to relate the reports and transactions that were previously run in RIAS that do not correlate to Oracle. 
The reports have different costs and balances for the same account. It's confusing and frustrating and takes much more time than necessary. There is no training other than the online tutorials, which are no help whatsoever.
N/A  only used to process reimbursements
I only use Cornerstone for personal reasons such as, Human Resources 
Everything is always a challenge when we go into Cornerstone.  It is a four-hour project because things are not set up correctly and it has nothing to do with our Business Managers it has to do with Rutgers staff not paying attention.  One example:  they just established a new grant number for 2018 and when I received the completed paperwork, they had the wrong grant dates on the form.  Thank goodness I did not process anything yet because it would have been rejected.  I have deposits that need to be applied but I cannot get anyone to assist because they assume you know what they are speaking about.  The file does not work either.  So I have money sitting there and not being posted because I cannot get any help.  We run reports and know what is supposed to be there and it is not and does not show up for 2-3 months which affects reporting for grants.  When you call the help desk you are given 7-8 selections and that is assuming you know what you are looking for so I end up just hitting a button and hoping for the best.  Then when you get them on the phone instead of helping you they ask you to send them an email explaining what is wrong.  This whole process is a total waste of time and man-hours.  This is not my job, my job is to work with clients!  There are a few good people who will go out of their way, but you need to find them first and when you do, you hit gold and say Oh thank GOD.  It usually takes me 4-6 hours to complete one task because something does not work and I have to wait 24 hours for someone to return the call.  Am I frustrated?  You bet I am.
With respect to the system we had prior, Sciquest has been a step backwards.  There is no transparency when it comes to seeing what you are processing, where money exchanges hands and the status of actions.  For example, finding out whether a check has been cut or not should be something we can see.  PO's can have a check number but after multiple occasions where I have had conversations with vendors who have not been paid and purchasing, it turns out a check number doesn't necessarily mean it was paid.  Invoices sent to accounts payable doesnt necessarily mean they are matched (even after NET 45).  Where we were promised change there is only a phantom ghost of change, in fact the old system was more reliable than this.  I have to call to talk to someone about any issue because I cannot trust what I am shown.  And the back end of accounting is just a mess.  There are thousands of GL accounts, how do we keep shadow systems when there are infinite possibilities of account strings (forget that there is also Project Strings).  Yes if I search for something, I can see everything anyone in the university has put through...but how does that transparency help me or my department?  To see that SAS bought a ice cream truck for an event, that isn't helping me find where my PO is located.  Our business office is behind with tracking accounts because they were never transferred over correctly.  Legitimately there are accounts and grants that we cannot locate.  Yes Cornerstone has had a very negative impact on my ability to do my job.  From efficiency to accuracy.
Whenever questions have arisen, our own business manager has been a great resource. I haven't dealt with anyone else when I encounter problems.
it has improved the amount of time I spend working on certain projects.
I am thankfully not required to use Cornerstone.
All Guides are labeled accordingly, easy to navigate through information. 
I think it's a good system. The new training offered will be very helpful.
At first, it was a very confusing transition; however, it has improved considerably.
NO answer
Cornerstone has made accounting more complicated.  Expense reimbursements are difficult, looking for help--good luck!
My position does not require using Cornerstone on a daily basis.
My interaction with Cornerstone is limited mostly to ordering and occasionally processing reimbursements. The reimbursements have been a nightmare. Ordering is not the most user friendly system, and it drives me nuts that I have to delete the "0000" that's auto-populated under "Activity" in the GL String line EVERY SINGLE TIME!! Can't someone get rid of that??
It started our rough but has gotten better.  I have found the help to be useful when i needed it.  I think we are slowly getting there with it.

I do not use the system enough to comment.
Cornerstone is easy to use as long as you know the correct procedure to use.   Which the trainings are making it easier to learn the correct procedure.
Being overburdened with workload to begin with then constantly changing systems for Admins to work with is not helping matters.

If a new system is put into place, then the official version should be used not a cheaper version.  There are too many problems with new systems when changing over and the Admins are the people who feel the brunt of the issues with students and professors not getting paid on time, etc.  The technology keeps getting more and more and is supposed to help and make things quicker but it does not. 

I think I can say for most of us who have been here for a while that it was much simpler years ago when we filled out forms and they were processed.

Luckily the older employees can look forward to retirement and not have to keep learning new processes constantly.
Makes some tasks difficult but overall things are starting to improve
It takes longer than previously.  Responsibility (workload) that was previously handled by a dedicated person has been distributed to all staff.  Training requirements also cost time previously available for normal work function.
I feel Cornerstone was implemented too quickly, but I am able to perform my work without disturbance and overall I think it is a more efficient way of getting these processes done.
I don't use it enough or even know much about it. 
very labor intensive, workload increased. Still not knowing some reports.  every day seems runs into issues. 
still paper based and takes too long for UHR to process using effective dates when we were told with RIAS we could add new employees so they could get NetID and accesses before day one for a smoother transition...this is especially important for high level positions
Processing of payments is extremely slow. Vendors require payment immediately following rendering of services and the process is just too long. We miss out on great connections with outside vendors because it takes too long to get paid. 
It works OK most of the time.
It has made me feel inadequate at doing my job and I have worked at Rutgers for over 30 years.  Very stressful and aggravating since this process started.
I use Cornerstone a lot in my job. It is much better than RIAS. That being said there is more that needs to be tweaked to make it better.
I do not have any knowledge of Cornerstone.
other than processing reimbursements it has made my work harder. 
The cornerstone system has improved electronic TABERS, but processing time has slowed. Bugs persist.
It is impossible to do a good job.  Either it doesn't work, you can't trust the numbers, you can't get accounts set-up, you can't get vendors paid, you can't give grantors what they need.  Whatever you do in the system, you have to check it a million times and do double the work to track it continuously, rather than trust that the system works. 
i don't deal with cornerstone in my job
I do not use Cornerstone Frequently but for the times that I have used it, I did not have any specific problems.
As a recruiter I have extensive expense reports to submit. Cornerstone has been a great help and user friendly. 
I made a lot of costly mistakes, because of a system I could not work and had no one properly knowledgeable enough, nor available, to show me anything (e.g. reimbursement via a wire). I am still being blamed for payments that did not complete the system from late 2016 through summer 2017, and even today, a supplier calls to say their funds were never received (payment which had been put in from the start of the system). 

Since the system has been in place, I am being treated as an incompetent employee.  I have been reclassified and a faster millennial, hired as a class 4 within the last 2 months, has assumed most of my financial responsibilities. 

We were given workarounds that did not match the posted instructions.  Also listed as another major problem with the system is the inability to read the information after a payment or cost transfer was done:  I am relied on to give the status of a transaction, but I cannot confidently do so on my own --I have to rely on the help desk.  The system would shows a Wire was used to pay, and it even gives a check number, but in reality, it never paid.  I know this now, but I had entered so many wires:  some were found and completed, but some were not.

All things considered, I am not sure if the nastiness of the "Help" people are due to their not being fully knowledgeable about the system or a heavy workload.  There are times they refer me to one of the many messages that was sent from the RU/SAS financial offices that are too wordy and hard to keep track of for referencing.

My level of stress went through the roof!
Sometimes the new system is confusing.  The help desk is really no help at all. Our SAS business office has helped as much as possible.  Office staff share answers to questions.  It's very frustrating to email or call the help desk.  Answers don't come soon enough.

Looking back, training sessions weren't that informative. 

Very detailed FAQ's would be helpful so that users can help themselves rather than wait forever for an answer to their questions.
The inability to create reports to review and submit to supervisors has negatively impacted my job performance.
Not good.
There has not been much of a change in my ability to do my job. However, for the business manager of your department there have been issues keeping track of where funds are which makes keeping accurate financial records more difficult.
It takes a lot more time.  It's hard to edit and get back
Training is not available for new employees as an immediate need.
It is taking me 3 times longer to do my job now because of this system.  I have worked in several different companies over the last 20 years, and have never dealt with anything even remotely close to being as bad as this system is.  They have taken the most basic, easy thing to do in accounting, journal entries, and turned it into a complex mess that I still don't understand after almost a year.  You have to look at several different reports now to reconcile accounts, and sometimes they don't even have the correct matching numbers on the different reports 

I would love to see a statistic on how many people have left over the last year (retirement, or quitting), and see how it compares to previous years.  I am positive the percentage of people leaving is three times the norm.  People don't want to work here and deal with this system.  Actually, when my chance comes I will be part of that percentage.  This system is preventing me from doing my job well, and I can no longer work like this.  It's a shame, I use to love working here, but I know dread coming and dealing with the stupidity of this system.

Why they did not make all accounts GL accounts, or all accounts projects accounts I will never understand, but it creates nothing but problems.  It's like dealing with two different systems.  I have people charging what should be my project accounts, but the charges are not hitting there because of the way journal entries are done now.  They are hitting the GL, but not the projects as they should, so now I have to figure how to do the journal entries to re-book everything so it hits the project.  All it does is create more work.  Disgusting, whoever decided this was the system to go with should be fired.
The University launched a new payroll/payment system without any training.  
It takes a substantial part of the day just setting up and running a report.  Then researching an amount or just "drilling down" to the detail requires time. The training is getting better but at times just researching an amount can take days.


Recently, I had a subaward/grant close out - I did my part in making certain it was reconciled two months before the end date and kept in communication with DGCA.  I then found out right before the December break that DGCA did not do their part in sending information to the university involved in the sub award and NSF that was necessary to close out the sub award/grant.  This all happened right before December 22nd so I was working during the week we were off (from my home). There wasn't much I could do but I tried.  It didn't look well for Rutgers. (Even the accountants need training as they don't know how to pull the proper documentation).

All in all it is better but I would put that at 5 of 10.  At the recent town hall meeting we were informed there is now a plan to change the chart of accounts.  I don't see how that it will make it better for any of us.
Being able to get simple clear reports on grant spending is difficult. The accounts are not input into the system correctly, with items in the correct subcode. It has made it necessary for me to track grant spending with my own spreadsheets. It's just not functional.

Reimbursements are quick and easy but that is thanks to help I have received from Layla Horvath and Debbie Chung, who have been amazingly helpful.
Cornerstone has increased my workload tremendously. I am still the same grade with a higher level of responsibility and little to no supervision.  Cornerstone has so many issues that I am repeatedly training and counseling departments without fully understanding when there are systems issues versus staff just being poorly trained or ignorant to performing their jobs.  I find myself doing double work and every task takes up more time than necessary do to system issues.  There are too many changes that are made monthly that are not communicated with users.  Too many departments don't have a clue on time management which causes my work flow to be hindered.  There's no set time that the monthly work is do because Central Accounting and the Controller's office is a complete mess.  Departments rush to process work they should be doing daily once the accounting period close date is emailed so I have to work extra hours (I do get paid for the overtime) just to insure my job gets done as the approver of all Cash Receipts cash journals.  
There have been snags along the way, including difficulties in our AA's ability to process reimbursement payments for our hourly help, and reconciling various accounts.
Can not generate a cost account report like done in the past with the old purchasing system. Now I need to keep tract of the spending and lab budget and assume it matches with the  invoices that are paid by Rutgers. I only see invoices from vendors that I have generated a PO for.  Other expenses like Medical waste pick-up charges, I have not seen with Cornerstone but I would see these charges with the old system.  This means I never have an accurate record of spending so I can reconcile it with my lab budget.

Too many e-mails are generated by Cornerstone that are not relevant to my position at Rutgers.
Has increased the amount of time required to do accounting/financial work. Much of the increased amount of time is due to glitches in the system, a poorly run system and the lack of continuity in the natural accounts. Why did they take away the mapping tool?  it was a handy reference guide for the project conversion. Expense report auditing questions are ridiculous and create extra work for inconsequential things. Creating one expense item for each taxi on different days as opposed to creating an expense item for all transportation. Expense reports can have up to 20  expense items that all need project strings and also create a greater chance of accidental error causing the entire expense report to be sent back. The only way to change a natural account is to withdraw the expense report and resubmit which creates additional problems.
 This has created stress as it has cut in to the time allocated for other job tasks  to be completed.

One of the biggest problems I have experienced with Cornerstone is lost time.  It takes us so much longer to do certain things ie; expense reimbursement and we also end with more paper than before.  The expense management is the least user friendly part of Cornerstone that I use. Another time taker is managing emails we receive.  Three emails are received for every one approved purchase order.  Another email comes every time an invoice is received but the link to the invoice does not work. 

Another big problem is that we have not been able to get timely accurate reports for any account.  This is especially troublesome with grant accounts and start up accounts.
Takes longer time to figure it out yourself with very little help from help desk or training. I am not a financial person but my job has shifted to that and I am not compensated. Too much extra steps preparing PO's and Journal Entries. More than half my day is working in Cornerstone troubling shooting. We get different answers on "how to" from different people.

Can not see outcome of invoices paid, some are still outstanding from 2016, can not get confirmation from anyone. Preparing Journal Entries: after approved can not confirm the outcome and where it goes. When I use Peoplesoft for payroll I have to use Internet Explorer since numbers/font/lines disappear. Requisitions are returned and there is no indication why or where the error is.
After being trained , I have found the new system to be helpful.
"Cornerstone" has had no impact as it is an umbrella term for the new systems - HR/Payroll, Financial Management System, etc. - and as such has no meaning with relation to my work.
I have limited interaction with the cornerstone system.
Market Place-Very difficult. You can't sort by vendor, can't go back, lots of clicks, too much description required, rejections, copy to cart? Too many approvals for small amount invoices. Too many forms. Not enough training on system and reports.

Ok, so when all said and done and everything is approved and you have a PO, SIX weeks later their is "NO INVOICE" in a yellow line! You have to print a copy of the invoice and put the PO # on with a "label machine" and scan to A/P to get paid! The invoice has to be attached to the requisition first before it can be approved, so why isn't it being paid in the system automatically?  
Cornerstone should have been rolled out as a shadow system alongside the old RIAS systems so the bugs and issues could be seen right away without disruption of work.  Of course, this was not done and a lot of frustration was had.  Most for me was my vendors not getting paid.  Now, when I add new vendors, it takes 4 weeks for them to be added which holds up work for me.  This is the same for reimbursements since some students cannot use the Expense Management module to do the reimbursements.  Cornerstone is here to stay, however, so we have to adapt and deal with it.  Resistance is futile.
The biggest flaw is the transition from RIAS to Cornerstone.  We have had vendors who will no longer accept purchase orders or work with Rutgers because of failure to receive payment for invoices.  This impacts our work and creates unnecessary stress and time to complete the tasks.  Also, not knowing what funds are in our budget or running reports.  This was something that we had access to, but in Cornerstone, it seems impossible to get a simple answer.
My job has become impossibly hard.  Each task take 4xs as long to do.  Workload is the same but now is quadrupled in execution so I can never catch up on all of my responsibilities.  I am constantly behind and reacting to every request instead of being proactive and managing my accounts and being on top of what is being spent where. I am currently responsible for 67 projects (42 sponsored and 25 non-sponsored plus my non-sponsored have tasks within so that increases workload as well). There is no way to work on this many accounts given the new financials systems. And this is only one aspect of my job, I also do POs, JEs, Travel expenses, etc. etc.   it is physically impossible to do this job now!!!!  The faculty is extremely unhappy and constantly asking for things that prior they were able to do themselves. Whereas before when we had RIAS and REX the faculty could easily see their account balances as well as all of the expenses in one view. Now they either don't have access to the system nor understand how to pull any reports so that burden has shifted to me.  Again there is no way to service the faculty with 67 accounts!  We were told we would continue to have REX for history then one day its just taken away with warning or communication !!!! This is devastating to the process and our financial tracking. Stupid decision made by people who aren't responsible for these accounts nor have any knowledge what was even in there. We were told to use the MAR reports instead - has anyone who is advising this actually used the MAR reports??? There are a complete MESS and you have to sit there and manually adjust the expenses, the budgets, every column! Another task quadrupled in the time it takes.  It seems whoever is making these decisions should sit down and pull up this report and they would see it doesn't work. Yet we were never asked about it.  And what did it hurt to keep REX ???? For the benefit it provided our dept it was invaluable.  We have grants that started in 2010 and this one the only resource to give us the history needed. There was very little needed to keep this running.  The same with the COA mapping tool.  We used that all the time and it was also helpful to look at expenditure codes that were converted over - but yet again the tool is just taken down one day with no communication and no consideration that we were using it!!!!  I have complained and begged for help over and over. Management doesn't want to hear it.  We are totally unsupported from the top. Different depts are using different expenditure types causing problems with budget line items.  Budgets were put in on wrong line items. Grant end dates are wrong causing payroll problems. Travel expenses are being put in using the correct expend types then magically there are changed in the system! I was told there is no clue how this is happening and its a glitch - so then JEs have to be done to move them.  EAch step in the process is not working!!!   There are also many errors being made I can't even list them here - it would take me the whole day. The help desk is hit or miss - sometimes they answer, sometimes they don't.  I have several open issues sent to the help desk that were assigned a number but yet weeks, months later there is no answer and the problems continue. Nothing is fixed quickly even when it is supported. Yet we still have deadlines that don't change.  I have never seen anything like this in my life.  Each day is BEYOND FRUSTRATION and my job went from being decent and pleasant to miserable and stressful. And by the way we do all of this for a 2% or LESS increase - REALLY!!!!??? for all this work and stress there is no compensation....and no incentive!  CORNERSTONE IS MORE THAN A DISASTER.  Bring back the old system until Cornerstone can be fixed!
not much
I only use Cornerstone for payroll and just started last year, so I am new at this.  It seems easy enough to go through the process.

I started at Rutgers in August 2016 and had never used the systems until I started using Cornerstone.

I found it extremely difficult; much of the guides that were given in relation to the old systems, of which I had no knowledge. 

Now, I am a business assistant and I have seen much improvement in training and communication in the past year since the hiring of John Fahey. 

However, it is still difficult to do my job efficiently and confidently, and to trust the numbers in the reports.  I use mainly the Costs Report to manage my projects which is time consuming, and means that I have to cut corners elsewhere. 

The other big problem is that since I was not a prior user of Discover, I don't currently have access and don't see giving it to new users.  This means that my boss runs reports that I should be running.  If these are reports that are integral to reconciling accounts that everyone who needs them should have access to them.

The biggest concern I have is that while I am using time to navigate these challenges, I don't have time to take on larger projects that will be helpful to our office, and ultimately to my career. 

For a long time, there was little acknowledgement to the troubles administrators had with the system and the hard work that we have been doing.  That has changed under John Fahey.  However, I would like to see a tangible expression of that.  Many professors will get raises this year.  I would love to see raises for all administrators, or an extra vacation day, etc..in acknowledgement of the extra time and effort we have been putting in to make this system work. 

Thank you

Cornerstone is not user friendly; some individuals in the accounting department are not responsive when you contact them for assistance - it takes days, sometimes weeks to hear back, if you hear back at all.
It is poor system and not user friendly
I am on the other side. I wait for reimbursements.
I only access Cornerstone for travel reimbursements, so in that aspect of it, I feel its user friendly and easy to navigate.
At the moment, I don't use Cornerstone for any of my work responsibilities.
I was hired in the fall of 2017 and have no idea what Cornerstone is.  I have been given instruction in using Oracle and Discoverer.  I keep seeing emails about Cornerstone, about training etc. but my supervisor has not informed me of any need to use Cornerstone.  Perhaps it simply isn't a system I need.  Personally, I find there are so many new and legacy systems here - and different IT departments to call for them that I never know who to call when I have difficulty.  And it took forever to get my user account configured for access to various systems and reports.  I still don't have access to some reports (after 4 months on the job).  Rutgers needs to improve its onboarding process for accountants: when someone is hired there should be one standard form that lists all the systems/reports that new hire needs, and IT should begin establishing those user accounts/access before the start date.
There is so much room for improvement with the new finance system that I nearly don't know where to begin.

However, we can begin with the reports and managing account balances. The transparency and accuracy that was promised is simply not there. They have provided a plethora of reports and reports on how to pull reports for other reports so you can manage one account. For department administrators such as myself, that's prohibitively cumbersome to manage for dozens of faculty/department accounts while keeping all our other tasks on track. I acknowledge the after-the-fact efforts to salvage the Frankenstein finance system Rutgers has carelessly purchased and even more recklessly deployed. And while I appreciate the precarious role they've created to support "trouble-shooting" problems they created, it does not make our work easier. Nothing makes these "reports" easier to manage. The process, while doable, is a completely unreasonable time-suck.

Next, the expense reports offered in this new system is unnecessarily difficult and intuitive. It's exacerbated an already fragile relationship between faculty and staff (i.e. reassuring faculty we are not shifting the menial burden of clerical work to them when we ask them to upload their own expense report, enter their bank information, assign us as a delegate, etc). I can't tell you how many wasted hours faculty and staff have spent trying to "figure out where an expense report went" either because a code in the account string was flawed or missing, or the thing went to the wrong approver - - even though all the requests were properly signed, blessed, and submitted well in advance. Also, there are instances where supporting documents that are properly uploaded, while perfectly visible to the delegates, the approver cannot see them and they reject the report, requiring faculty and approver to repeat the whole submission process. There is so much wrong with this expense report system that it can't be covered in one survey.

The fact that Cornerstone can't automatically attach the faculty member's account numbers for them is already ridiculous. Couple that with the fact that Cornerstone operates by "account string" rather than one or two codes... it is unacceptably below standard. It's astounding (and not in a good way) how terribly inefficient Cornerstone has proven to be.

I do have to give them some credit in that they have come a long way in fixing purchase orders (finally) and paying some vendors (finally).

However it's crazy that I have internal vendors following up with me on unpaid iPOs. I have to follow up in order to get them paid... our own internal vendors... this is unreal.

I could go on but this is very upsetting. The bottom line is that we are having to do work two and three times over (if not more) due to system limitations. In an age where technology should take us further, only Rutgers would invest heavily in a finance system that makes things more difficult with cumbersome and unrealistic work-arounds.
This hasn't made my life that much easier.
It takes much for time to complete my job.  Additionally, I am having to create ad hoc reports to get the balances of my accounts.
I began as a Rutgers employee in the summer. I had absolutely no ideas what Cornerstone was, yet I was expected to complete various job tasks using Cornerstone. There was no in-person training available during the summer. I did participate in the on-line training available, however, it took a couple of weeks to get access to that. The on-line training was not much help since I had no idea what I was looking at or even how the systems were prior to Cornerstone.  I did not have access to in person training until several months later. I've had extreme stress and anxiety in this position because I was not properly trained from the start, but expected to learn quickly with limited resources and very little support. Also, there is no one else in my unit to turn to for assistance, so I was left on my own to figure out Cornerstone and all other Rutgers systems. It is taking a long time and I still feel pressure to know more than I am trained to know. Cornerstone is such a huge and vast system. It requires extensive training to learn and I don‰Ûªt feel confident that I will be up to speed when I reach my 1 year anniversary. As far as training, it‰Ûªs hard to grasp such a complex and non-user friendly system with just a Power Point presentation. It is my understanding that knowledgeable finance people have problems with Cornerstone. Also, Rutgers does a very poor job training it's new employees with systems they expect them to use, and when I do go to training, there is a lot of Rutgers jargon thrown around that is rarely explained. I've been here for over 6 months, and still don't understand the GL. I don‰Ûªt know what the answer is, but I feel extremely incompetent and ill prepared in my position, even after 6 months.  I do not want to stay. 
I spend more time tracking down actions in the system then I do actually creating the payment requests. I have a vendor is paid regularly but I never get the invoice from the system regularly despite the vendor sending it in timely.   Each period, I need to email them to say I haven't seen the invoice come through and then magically a day later is does. This has happened 5 times now.  It is an enormous waste of time to have to babysit my payments, my appointment requests, etc. 
I thought the implementation was horrible but things have steadily got better. I have never had any trouble contacting anyone for help or to correct issues. 
I feel as if I am working blind.  I never know what new problem is going to pop up.  I feel very ineffective in my job, I can't give accurate info to my department.  If I could, I would quit my job.  I am very stressed.
1. Inconsistent System

2. Repetitive Work to Submit

3. Processing Funds on their Terms

4. No Training and No Reimbursement for an entire Year of using my personal vehicle - with zero     option to claim money that is owed to me.
This system was deployed very quickly and not enough hands on training was provided.   The very little training that was provided was by folks that did not know the Rutgers way.  The trainers tried to teach it, but their answers were "call me off line", or "I don't know", or "good question", I always felt like they were rushing through the class just to get it done and over with.  I don't blame them, as participants in the classroom were so frustrated  How can you expect people to "accept change" when the instructors aren't even 100% confident.  That sends a terrible message to all of us who were trying to "embrace the change".  There was more collaboration among colleagues using the system than the trainers.  It would have been nice to do it in phases, i.e. expense mgmt, purchasing, reports, etc.  There is much more work now on the preparers part than ever. I think the notifications are useless.   You need to check into each notification instead of it being efficient enough to have all the details right on the notification page itself. Although I understand the need to move forward with technology, I feel like we went backwards. 

the reimbursement process is very complicated. it is very time consuming as compared to the previous process. the one good I have to say is the payment release to your personal account is an improvement but the overall process did not improve what was already in place.

Very poor tool. Confusing and the training was not enough. Very stressful to deal with this system.
The only Cornerstone features I use are Expense Management and the Marketplace. Both are clunky and overly complicated but entirely manageable for me. However it has been difficult to train some people on using the system especially those who are less computer savvy. I think these tasks could be simpler which would save certain employees a lot of time. 
It caused a lot more time to reconcile reports, twice or triple the time it used to.  
Desperate and frustrating. There is not much help available and we need to figure the new system out for ourselves even after the university admitted that the system is not meant for universities. We just muddle through and do what we can, meaning, what goes through. Vendors wait a long time for their payments, threaten to drop us or not ship orders until previous orders have been paid. Not a good experience.
I have not been able to do my job. It's impossible to get accurate reports from the system. 
Good Afternoon,

I have been at Rutgers for less than a year now.  I am a computer literate person and I am a quick study.  Using the procurement system has been nothing short of frustrating to say the least.  As a new employee back in April I expected there to be a training class or a few for that matter.  Instead when I asked questions I referred to the website, which is not very helpful.  I attended one training class, but because there were so many questions we could not finish all the material in the allotted time.  I also expected the training class to be hands on in a computer lab with simulated examples for us to work through.  The best training class I have attended so far was for RAPSS.  It was in a computer lab, hands on, and used real examples. There should be a spot on the website with short 3 to 5 minute tutorials guiding users through common procurement scenarios. I expected the system to be a bit more seamless.   As someone who has never worked at Rutgers I would expected to come in and attend at least 4 or 5 two hour classes on how to use various systems.  Trying to reach the help desk is impossible no picks up or returns a phone call.  With one exception someone named Mike Jones who always assists me has been my go to person when I have questions.  He picks up his phone and replies to emails promptly offering me assistance.   
No comment
I feel as though I have little to no time available to focus on learning and understanding the new systems.  The poor implementation in FY17 has created a permanent backlog for me that prevents me from spending an adequate amount of time learning the new systems.  I feel as though even the simplest tasks take as much as two or three times as long to complete and I am insecure about every task I finish.
Our accounts were charted incorrectly and this has caused a major headache.
Time consuming, email overload with notifications.  Conflicting "approval" responses. Not user friendly
It is time consuming
frustrating at first. seems okay now, but a new hire has taken over many of these functions on my behalf.
Cornerstone from a reporting impact has made my job very difficult.  It takes several reports to get an answer.  Again, from a department perspective it is not user friendly.
The system is confusing and poorly designed. None of the help icons actually do anything/provide any helpful information. There is a dearth of training videos/documentation. And the fact that you implemented all the changes at the same time was...very poorly planned. I still have vendors that will not do business with us because of how long it took them to get paid.

The system has been an all around disappointment. 
It was extremely frustrating and challenging to do your job . Our vendors and suppliers were very frustrated and some were talking it out on us.  We were having to apologize on behalf of the University.  There should have been a form letter that went out to every single vendor so that the Department did not have to explain why they were not getting paid in a timely manner.
This past year was so stressful.  As a result of the transition, job tasks and duties doubled.  As an NL employee my hours were averaging 10 hours per day just to keep up and I received no compensation for all the extra hours.  It‰Ûªs important to note the payroll help desk and staff are extremely helpful in resolving problems and providing guidance.  On the other hand, the financial help desk is a joke - no response to emails, no communication or actions to resolve problems.   From my experience, relationships within the financial departments are useful in resolving some problems but where is one expected to go when you are referred to upper levels of management and repeated emails and phone calls go unanswered?   I‰Ûªm a firm believer that you take your lead from your leader - ergo: if Rutgers doesn't care, why should I?  To be clear, this goes against everything I believe regarding work ethic and doing my job to the best of my ability but at some point chasing your tail becomes so exhausting that burnout wins.  Needless to say, many aspects of Cornerstone and the lack of response to system queries/issues/problems, is disappointing and frustrating.  I'd like to know if any of the individuals responsible for purchasing these systems are actual users.  
The switch to Oracle Cloud as our financial management ERP has increased the amount of administrative time it takes to process financial transactions. One example of this is the configuration of the accounting sub ledger and ledger.


In Rutgers' previous Oracle software, the majority of staff only had to work within the projects sub ledger, with the accounting system and presumably central accounting maintaining the general ledger. Due to the way Oracle Cloud was established at Rutgers, all staff now have to be aware of the general ledger as well as the project sub ledger. This change not only takes time when processing transactions, but also adds the new job responsibility of reconciling the sub ledger to the ledger.  
The implementation of Cornerstone has had a very negative impact on me personally and on my ability to do my job in a timely, efficient manner. 

The stress induced by the inadequacies of the ability to access, work with, correct, and reconcile data for projects and the general ledger is very hard to describe.  I find it hard to discuss, because conversing about it is so arduous, just like the system itself.  In my mind the problems seem like they've been going on twice as long as they have.  I could go on and on about it, but I don't see the point in upsetting myself.

My ability to do the job has not changed, I am a capable person.  It is the time and amount of effort that needs to be applied that is daunting.  I hope to get to where I was in September 2016 by July 2018, but, as time goes by, and additional projects arise, I question whether I will be able to.  
In the beginning it was almost impossible to get reimbursements for pC processed.  It has improved greatly in the last few months and now seems to work better than the past system.
I'm very to the platform, can't really judge
In a nutshell, at this point in time I feel paralyzed.  No one knows anything.  I have various piles on things that have been returned so in addition with current work I have returned work that I need to find time to sort out why it was returned, what needs to be done to go forward.  It is very frustrating and time consuming.  Once in a while you will get someone at the Help Desk who actually helps you, but in a recent case the person who returned the item was not reachable by phone or e-mail and I had to go through a third person to sort that one situation out.  I ended up driving to Knightsbridge to sort it out.  I don't have the time to do that with each single issue, though.  There really has to be a better system and they better leave the Payroll system alone.  They did such a mess with this financial system I quite frankly cannot afford not to be paid like the vendors.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  We don't need to suffer the consequences of someone wanting to put on their resume that they instituted a new system.  They should also include a system that doesn't work, that no one likes, that has resulted in people leaving and the remaining people counting the days until they can leave.  And President Barchi has the nerve to say what a good system this is.  For who?  Who is this a good system for?  Not for the hundreds of vendors who didn't get paid.  Not for the staff on the front lines trying to get a requisition through and having to do it not once, not twice but in one case 10 times because the business office didn't bother to read the business description.  Everyone, but everyone is stressed because of this new system.  Bring back RIAS!  It may have had problems but at least people could get requisitions through and vendors got paid.  I feel I'm constantly going two steps back.  
Two factors that the implementation of Cornerstone should have discontinued: The "black hole" of where or what stage of a transaction, and less paperwork. 
I use expense management on Cornerstone, to submit my mileage for personal travel reimbursement to meetings, conferences. It is a very long process to use the TABER form and log in every specific detail including calculating the mileage, and with having to go to Mapquest to get directions, save them, then upload them. In addition, I have no way of knowing if my account is actually reimbursed.

So, if you can advise on quicker method of submitting mileage for personal travel reimbursement, and where can we see if our account is actually reimbursed, that would be help. Thank you.
Everything is more complicated and time consuming. Compared to peer institutions we are the laughingstock in procurement policies.
Cornerstone has taken over about 1/3 of my job, when it should be at most 1/6 of my job. Since September 2016, there have been so many issues getting vendors paid, knowing where outstanding payments stand, looking for invoices, and tracking an unclear money trail that I often feel like I do not work in museum education, but rather in finance. It takes up a lot of my time and our department is not big enough for me to devote so much energy to Cornerstone. Expense reports take several hours to complete and the user interface is not very intuitive. We hired help to manage our duties in marketplace, but no training was being offered at that time, so I had to teach him what I knew. He had so much trouble acclimating to the system that I had to go back to being the sole user in my department.
I handle a lot of cash journals and I honestly would rather be manually doing them on an excel spreadsheet and taking them down to Blumenthal than trying to do a cash journal through the general accounting tab. 
It was quite difficult with minimal training early on.  It is getting better as we learn the system and teach ourselves.

Accounts payable seems to change their procedures often.  We are told to place multiple quotes on same PO request.  Now they are closing POs after the first comes in causing us to reproduce all the remaining quotes.
Not sure how to make better nor what to to improve on what we got now. 
1. Reconciling accounts: From my experience as well as talking with others in financial positions, this is by far the most affected process and the most time consuming. Unlike the previous system which provided many accurate reports, the reports we have available to use are either completely useless or inaccurate and need to be compared to a number of other reports to ensure their accuracy. An example would be a report that uses inaccurate fringe rates so this needs to be updated for the payroll report. Compared to using 1-2 reports, in order to reconcile an account, I've had to use at least 3 reports (Payroll Report, Manage Expenditures Report, PJ015 Report) and even with these reports combined, the remaining balance I get is still not completely accurate since the Manage Expenditures Report has been known to have inaccuracies.

2. Delays with setting up accounts/invoices: This has been problematic for both the PI, sponsor, and those receiving salary from the new accounts. Due to delays in setting up the accounts in the new system, this has caused delays with invoicing the sponsors (in a few cases I've been involved in where the sponsor has threatened to pull funding from Rutgers). This is linked to the inability to accurately reconcile accounts, which has made it more difficult to invoice the sponsors in a timely manner. I've also seen appointments delayed and departments unable to support the students/postdocs because the funds have not been deposited into an account that hasn't been set up and given an account number.

3. Lack of training: This is partially due to the communication problems. I have only been notified about the PO hands-on training prior to the new system launch which was very helpful. Otherwise, we have received email updates with training modules on the website which have not been very helpful. It's disappointing that we attended so many meetings/road shows (almost every month) before the new system launched, which could have been used to train us to prepare for the new system. Instead these meetings were just discussions of what we would like in the new system and how the legacy systems for both Rutgers and UMDNJ worked - which many of our requests were ignored. Regarding the communication problems, I've noticed that there are multiple email addresses that are not always being sent to the people who need to access them (so I've started forwarding emails I receive to my colleagues so they're in the loop).

4. Journal entries: Compared to the previous system, the journal entry process is much longer and allows for more errors. For example, if using the spreadsheet method, I need to enter a 39 digit code for the debit/credit account (must be entered 12 times per natural account) compared to the previous system that was a much shorter digit code that only had to be entered once for the debit and once for the credit. The journal entry then needs to be approved by a business manager (via email), who then sends it to SAS to review (via email) before uploading it into the system. One of my biggest disappointments was that the system initially did not allow for a journal entry between a project account and a raw GL string. If they had informed us that this would not be available, we would have explained that Global Services fees for visas are done via a project account (typically the faculty member's/department's account) and a raw GL string (Global Services accounts). For the first few months of the system launch, we were writing IOU letters to Global Services because we were unable to process journal entries.

5. Approver problems: This was a significant problem at IAMDN. For some reason our approval hierarchy, although we sent a request to update this, included Kathleen Bousquet who was not affiliated with IAMDN and more importantly was retired. Any expense report that was charging an IAMDN-account would go to Kathleen Bousquet and could not be moved until someone from the Expense Reports was able to reassign it to the correct approver (which typically had to be done for both the project approver and financial approver). This was even more of a problem if something was missing from the expense report and then the report would have to get submitted for reapproval (and would usually have the same approval list). Previously the TABER auditors would email the approver directly for whatever was missing, rather than send it back to the person requesting the reimbursement in the new system. I've had many expense reports delayed because the email is sent to the person requesting the reimbursement and the person ignores the email.
There has not been a major impact of Cornerstone on my job at this point. It was only in the beginning when we live with the system and many of us were simply not prepared or trained enough.
I have not worked at the University before Conerstone was implemented and I do not work with it very often.
WE NEED IN-PERSON TRAINING!!!!!  I learn hands on, not from an online manual.
The issue I'm having is getting P.O approved to get the work done. This takes too long preventing PMs and other maintenance issues push back.
none.  not a user
I don't have that much to do with Cornerstone.  Expense reports are a nightmare; before it would take me about 10 minutes to do an expense report and now, by the time I make attachments for all the bills and expenses, receipts, etc. it takes me usually more than an hour.  One little mistake and it throws the whole process in a shambles.  Ordering supplies takes more than double the time to do also.  By the time I find what I want (that is, if I can find it on the website and then call the company to ask questions because I don't have the right number for it) I could go to the store and buy it quicker.  Looking up reports when the announcements say they are done must have something missing because it always says I can't look at my accounts so I must be doing something wrong.
I cannot get an accurate balance in my accounts. Also if you need to transfer from a grant (say if it was charged incorrectly) to a project it cannot be done easily. It's nearly impossible. 
Cornerstone has been a nightmare. It was kind of just dropped on us and we were told we had to start using it with almost no training at all. It's a confusing system if you don't have experience with financial programs, and it has made our lives a whole lot worse.
It has made most tasks twice as long to complete at minimum if you can complete at all.  While some of the concepts are nice, they have not yet been fixed or are not practical.  Faculty and students don't understand/know enough to properly complete reimbursements on their own.  That system is also very tedious and cumbersome.  Trying to maintain financial budgets and account balances when none of the reports are working fully is impossible.  It is frustrating when things that were working after implementation are now broken, ie journal entries or submitting requisitions.  It is very time consuming and frustrating to spend time to create a Req for it to be rejected automatically due to system error.  It is also frustrating to hear University management speak about the great success the system is when clearly it is not.  This leads to our managers not understanding the complexities of the system and difficulties we all face when they hear about how great it is from management.  
Since it's implementation the reporting function has not been available.  In the past, monthly reports were available to monitor expenses; however, since Cornerstone's inception this function has not been available to the departments.  Something was recently provided to division heads; however, at the department level.  The original reports were very helpful.  It would be nice to see something the departments can use for budgetary tracking purposes.  There was a learning curve on the expense side with many rejections of expense reports based on changes to the GL String.  The payroll process was pretty seamless, with processes everything except the GL String remaining the same.  Great job on the payroll side of Cornerstone.
The job aids and training available now are so much better than earlier. It would have saved all users a lot of time, energy, and STRESS if Cornerstone was launched after it had been thoroughly tested. I still have not conquered reports, which are an important part of my job. 
It's just not very user friendly.
A lot of the features are time consuming.  Running report 72 and having the accounts presented in the grandparent level, then having to drill down to the lowest level, can take up a significant amount of time.  If you mess up one time or click on the wrong area you have to restart.  Other reports take a long time to generate.  The balances and details are not presented clearly.  Some reports have too much or duplicated information and the other reports do not have the correct or enough information. 

The system has great potential and I like the way alot of the reports are and can look.  The down side is it is hard to know what the true balances are.  It is hard to tie the Project to the GL.  
It takes longer to create purchase orders being paid to the same vendor by using different chart of accounts.  Too many steps.

I also find that some older suppliers were not properly transferred over creating a delay in payment to that vendor because now you have to create a new supplier.

Also when you create a new supplier, it takes longer to add them to marketplace, as I hear they are very backed up.  

System is definitely not faster.

I am still new and never used Rias, but I feel the system works fairly well overall. I get annoyed by it, but have no major complaints.
Cornerstone has made my job take a lot more time to do what I had to do with the old system. It takes about 30% more time. Management does not recognize that this is the case. The process is also, more complicated and management has not increase my salary or job title. 
The system Rutgers had to process invoices worked well until they fixed it. Cornerstone has been an abject and utter disaster. I have worked at Rutgers for 13 years. Up until a year and a half ago, I could count on one hand the number of questions I've had about invoices and payments. Now, I field multiple questions a day. The transition was a complete disaster, and the system a year and a half later still is thoroughly flawed. The delay in processing invoices from our third-party vendors has caused so many problems and created so much ill will between us and the vendors that it is difficult to calculate the extent of the damage done. We have wasted so much time over the last year and a half fielding complaints about delayed payment and non-payment and trying to figure out if invoices have been paid or not that it has significantly affected our ability to do our jobs properly. Cornerstone should never have been rolled out when it was. It needed extensive debugging and obviously was rushed. Clearly, someone very high up failed. I only hope Rutgers will be as forgiving toward me if I end up doing my job so poorly.
More key strokes are required. System is limited in allowing us work more efficiency, My department has had to hire many new hires to handle the financial aspect due to system being difficult to work with.  
I only use it for reimbursements. It takes more time to fill out but less time to receive the money back.
If Cornerstone is the name for the whole Oracle implementation, it has significantly increased my workload, my stress, my frustration level - everything is a lot harder to do.  The system is fairly slow as well, especially running reports.  Reports are in and out at random without notification sometimes causing one to waste time trying to run something that is not working, but makes you think that you are doing it wrong.

I like the portal with all my Apps there to choose from and I use Canvas, but that is about it.
We went from a system called REX (which my department developed under U-Grant and U-State and turned it over to the University as REX) which was online to look at grants to a system where we have to download Excel spreadsheets and manipulate the data to get a report. In REX you could drill down into Payroll to get the names and salary of individuals by pay period. In REX you could drill down on expenses and retrieve PO data from RIAS. Where is no drill down capability for grants in Cornerstone to see salaries. You have to run reports and download to Excel. The first reports that came out didn't even have a PO number associated with an expenditure on it "front page". You have to click on the transaction number, then click on the invoice number to get a PO number. They have developed a new report which has PO numbers on them. Cornerstone have put out list of report names and when you try to run them the report returns no data. They have finally developed some summary reports but again you have to download them to Excel and no drill down capability. It takes a long time to manipulate the raw data into a summary report in Excel for the professors to look at their grants' budget, expenditures, commitments, and balances. It takes much longer to do a simply 2 line journal entry. The jounral entry doesn't even use the terminology of debit and credit.The training was lackluster from Cornerstone. We find out things by accident or asking other people within departments. SAS has dedicated a person to do training within SAS which is helpful. I will be with the University for 15 years this May and I say Cornerstone have set things back for me about 13 years in the ability to do work and to be productive, because of all of the manual work to produce reports. I don't think Cornerstone consulted the "worker bee" when they developed this system. I think Rutgers main concern was to combine Legacy Rutgers and the old UMDNJ. Yes they did combine the 2 universities but at what cost to the employees. The systems are terrible. The only thing is after using the system I am getting more familiar with it but that doesn't mean the system is good. If I would have produced something like this system associated with my job I would have been fired. I hear Cornerstone is looking to implement new systems for HR/Payroll and Student Accounting. Why not correct this current system before bringing on new modules. I could go on because I hate inefficient systems but I will stop. I think you understand what I'm saying. The system is too manual in this age of technology. Upper management in Cornerstone use to say that people don't like change and this is a change agent. I don't mind change if it is for the better. Don't insult our intelligence, this system wasn't for the better.
Cornerstone is improving from when it was first launched. It caused a significant amount of disruption when it was first launched and made a lot of people's jobs significantly more difficult. Not being able to run reports caused a lot of headaches because we were not able to run reports to confirm how much money we had spent. We have our own reports, but there are times where things are charged incorrectly (from our department or other departments) and the lack of reporting functionality made it difficult.

Also, the training sessions that were first implemented were not helpful. I left every training session more confused then when I had entered and the staff running the sessions often could not answer everyone's questions with certainty.

When my Senior Director requires information about budgets, purchasing, or payroll, she often asks me to provide these details. The implementation of Cornerstone made me unable to provide a lot of the information we needed to operate smoothly. This made me question whether there was something wrong with me or something wrong with the systems. After conversations with many peers at the University, I have come to the conclusion that it was the system. However, for many months after implementation, it had a significant impact on my confidence for my job.

I do think that Cornerstone is improving, and hopefully will take us to great places. However, the transition was poorly implemented, poorly managed, and caused a significant disruption for all employees that use the system.
It is very good with the Reimbursements and supply ordering.  I love them.  
I cannot begin to express the difficulty of managing my accounts and budgets since the implementation of Cornerstone. In my opinion, the fault may not be "Cornerstone" directly; it is a combination of too much change at once, implementation of systems that are not properly functioning, and a need to keep the University turning at the same time. In the case of my department, it was demanded by University administration that my budget lines be separated; some are in non-sponsored Project and others direct to GL. Combine that with the multiple necessary Business Lines and Fund Types, along with reports that don't match to each other or WORK, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to know where my department's finances stand. I have been to every training offered to me, many of them more than once, and have received a good amount of direct assistance, but I still do not have confidence that I can run any reports and understand the data returned. The Project module and the COA are both ridiculous. I don't know how anyone with more than one line of funding is supposed to function in this system. 
Processing of expense reports is more time consuming, And having not received any formal training or understanding of the COA, it makes this process open for errors which lead to delays in my superior being reimbursed.
Very little. I don't really use it. 
Need to constantly  resend purchase order requests for approval  due to  harassment from vendors seeking payment. The system makes the front line supervision look inept. I waited 2 months to get approval for a toilet seat.
I don't use Cornerstone for my job. 
By now, the kinks have been worked out with procurement and expense reports. But the implementation was awful. The training was last minute, and inadequate. The examples in training were best-case-scenarios, that fit into a neat example. But there was no guidance on what to do if your situation didn't fit into this small box.

Reports, on the other hand, are still a complete nightmare. REX was wonderful, it would provide you a clear and easy snapshot of your budget. Now I need to access multiple reports, input 10 different variables (and don't dare mess one of them up), and then *maybe* I'll get some useful info. They mad it really difficult to keep tabs on your account. It's awful for the small departments.
The issue is that training and roll out were so poor that we had to make some decisions about our school's finances that turned out to be poor choices so we had to re-do tons of things.  Further, the lack of reports and poor functionality over all made it difficult to re-do these things.  Also everything takes way longer than it used to due to poor systems, poor training, and a lack of reporting to back anything up.  Therefore some transactions require repeated entries or extensive follow up that were not needed previously.  Sent a large email about aspects of these issues I am pasting in below:

1. It would be helpful for there to be some kind of pop up warning for when a given report is "under construction" while someone in the back end/central unit is working on it.  For example, I was able to get the GL089 report to populate yesterday but not today.  Perhaps a pop up could appear in such a case that says something like "This report is currently being worked on and is unavailable.  Please try back tomorrow."  Without such a warning message, no one can tell if the report is down, or if the person running the report has made a data entry error.  Since everyone is so new at running these reports, we presume it is operator error so try to do things repeatedly that can't work because it is not really operator error after all - it is systems error.  This leads to repeated attempts at processing, with the obvious waste of time and frustration accordingly, that could be eliminated.

2. Regarding the naming of reports: GL071 vs. PR071 is confusing.  It may be appropriate to rename all the project reports to start with a different number.  I would suggest making the corresponding project report start with an 8 since the majority of project reports deal with grants, and grant projects start with 8.  That would mean we would have GL071 vs. PR871.  Still, that is somewhat misleading because the type of information displayed in GL071 vs. PR071 varies greatly.  If these two reports populated with data fields that paralleled each other for GL string vs. project and task, the similarity of the numbering would make sense.  As it stands right now, the information in each of these reports is so different that the fact that they have the same number is not logical in any way.  That issue, coupled with the reports going up and down (see # 1 above), along with the fact that reports are found in multiple locations, makes it difficult to consistently run reports that function.

3. On a different, though related, issue: In the "Scheduler" function, there is a report titled "General Ledger Account Details Report".  Meanwhile in the "Oracle BI Catalog", there is a report titled "RU GL 071 Transaction Detail Report".  Which is more appropriate to use for which function?  What data differs between the two?  The reasoning behind the reporting structure is not clear to the front line user.

4. Many of the column headers use coding descriptions that are meaningless to the average user.  Either the column headers should be clarified, or there should be some sort of posted resource defining what the column headers actually indicate.  My co-worker has alluded to this issue under separate cover, about the "cross reference" column.  I believe this is some sort of transaction number.  If so, call it that, or at least publish a list somewhere that defines the terms. 

5. A majority of reports can only be run on a monthly basis, and really don't populate correctly until that particular month is closed.  In many cases this is not helpful.  All reports should have an open ended calendar approach where you could select for a month period or a date range of the user's choice.  We would like to run some reports on a daily basis, but in the current structure, that means we would get everything for the month through today.  Then tomorrow, we would get everything for the month through tomorrow's date, and so on.  We need to be able to run a report that shows data for today's date, or tomorrow's date.  Month long cumulative data is helpful in some cases, but is often simply in the way. 

6. All reports should be exportable in the .xls format and the .csv format.  Presently, not all reports can work in either format.

7. All reports should default to the last set of parameters used. Then there should be a capacity to update the parameters.  As it is now, we are repeatedly re-entering the same data.  Perhaps there is a "save to favorites" type of function for this that I am missing, but I do not believe so.

8. I have heard during a recent meeting I attended that the capacity to build our own needs based reports exists in the reporting system, but it has not yet been implemented.  We have also been referred to Tableau for this sort of thing.  However, Tableau still does not indicate project number information at the transactional level, and per Ed Scheer, that functionality may be quite some time in arriving.  Therefore we believe that the capacity to build our own reports and queries should be implemented sooner rather than later in the main reporting system.  These user-generated reports should be "save-able" and default to the last set of parameters the user had input (see #7 above).   
I do not work with it, but I hear from our members the problems they have using it.
So far I have used Cornerstone for doing personal reimbursements only. I have had excellent support  from the RBS business office which helped me a lot to produce an acceptable expense report and to be reimbursed promptly. However, the system itself is poorly designed, help functions are of no help, and so far I have not been offered any training.
It takes a long time to get items to be processed - much longer than before.  

The Help desks put their voice mail on and then we spend much of the day playing phone tag.

Help Desks issued ticket numbers and no one got back to me.

Could not get a hold of staff members who helped us previously.   Then I found out that those

employees were told not to answer their phone and not to respond to our emails.

The last town hall meeting sounded as if the university is in bad shape.
Cornerstone has potential but the implementation, training and support have been lackluster to say the least.  I would like to see more resources dedicated to local support and training.
Absolutely awful.

1  Although I follow instructions to transfer from project to GL (another department), the GL user sees the money, but my Business Admin says it is wrong.  However, no instruction on how to make it right for us (project).  This has been over a year, imagine the fix once someone tells us what/how to do.

2.  Do not know how to run reports or how to even find them

3.  No time to try and surf site since it is so time consuming to do something that needs to be done.

4.  Job aids were terrible, but have finally gotten better.  Do I have all of them or the most updated??? Who knows.  No time to even check and try and figure out the site.

5.  There is absolutely nothing good about Cornerstone in my opinion.  I am still not on board with most things due to timing and confusion.  It kills your confidence.  I wish I could have retired.
Cornerstone has ironed out many of it's functional flaws, however, it leads much to be desired when submitting requests and not knowing or ever hearing of the request's status. This has lead to a very frustrating work environment.
Overall the new chart of accounts and implementation of Cornerstone has probably been the right decision as the product seems to have many of the integrated tools we need moving forward.  Having said that, there were many hurdles that end users had to jump in the initial stages.

For the introduction of the chart of accounts, there was a great deal of emphasis on the "UDO" but not enough detailed information on how accounts were grouped and why.  Additionally, the early presentations were far too broad or too focused on "account speak" to be of value to the average end user. 


Initial end user training for Cornerstone was very rushed and did not contain enough content on transition from RIAS to Cornerstone.  After working in the system I can see the value, but again training is an issue.  For example, adding a secondary address for an existing vendor should not require an additional W-9.  Is this something I am not doing properly?  Who knows because these types of things are not addressed.  It seems that more information is becoming available on the cornerstone education tile, but if you don't have a class scheduled, it is very difficult to go through training presentations when everyone has so much on their plate each day.

Reporting in this system remains very challenging.  I suspect that Rutgers did not spend enough time thinking about the very detailed information necessary for end users to properly track accounts/projects/tasks etc.  This is an area that needs additional attention and extensive training rolled out in a systemic method across the university. 

Finally setting up accounts and getting the funding in place takes way too much time and causes incredible in-house costs due to managing salaries, re-working budgeting, trying to run reports to find accurate balances etc.  
very poor, vendors not getting paid on time or even close to on time and vendors are not willing to work with you (ex. events and hotel will not be flexible or try and help more due to the fact they never get paid, it is always an issue.)
I am a preparer.  I handle fairly easy quick orders, POs, equipment and supply orders.  So I would say at this time that I use the system on a limited basis.  However, that will probably change as the semester progresses.  I find the system itself to be poorly laid out, difficult to maneuver around in, and not user friendly at all.  The system is cluttered with  additional information and click-ons that have nothing to do with why you are in the system in the first place--to create an order for a vendor.

One of the worst set-ups I have come across is when I have to order more than one item on an order.  To do that, you actually have to "finish" the order and then go back into it to add another item over what you already entered.  You can't just add all your items and then finish and submit.  The account (which has become almost unmanageable with its many different columns) should be the first item to handle after the supplier information, not the last item. 

The time it takes me to enter all the information in this new system is usually triple what it was in the old system.  Once I am finished, I submit the order for approval.  The one shining star perhaps in the process is that it seems that I do get an answer back fairly quickly that the requisition has either been approved or that it is rejected and I need to start all over again. 

I was here when the RIAS system was introduced in 2002.  We thought that was the worst system around and it took a while to get comfortable with it.  But once the system had been around for awhile, it became old hat and worked quite well.  So I guess that Cornerstone might be the same.  However, the administration of this system is much less concrete than RIAS had been.  Training sessions for RIAS were helpful and productive.  I believe that the Cornerstone training has to try and go back to basics and make the sessions shorter, but for more specific and targeted items so that if I just need training on quick orders, I can go for that and not have to sit through stuff that I don't do.
Having to learn the new system last year, threw my entire team into a huge backlog, which we only recently came out of. The system is horrible and makes no sense. It is very slow and information is hard to find in it. It's just bad all around.
The system has been a general hassle compounded by my suspicion that no one actually knows how the system runs. 
Managing grants with the new system is a night mare.  I requires even more shadow/excel accounting than previously.  it requires vising multiple system to check grant information and expenses.  Payroll reports more often than not do not agree with what is in the Manage Project costs report.  It takes lots of time figuring out what went wrong and what the correct amount of charges is.  ECRT is even more work.  Project to project JEs are the most unfriendly.  the template is hard to use and very easy to make a mistake.  I was told that it will not be made simpler and easier to use because it already is a customization of the off the shelf system and they have trouble with it every time there is an update or oracle.  It sill does not make sense because if we have to have this customization why not make it easy to use?  
I use corner stone mainly for a few purchases and self-serve.  I do some backup in our department.  It looks like a nightmare from the outside, especially reports.  I think it was very ambitious to put everything in one place then launch it.  It has many problems.  Definitely don't want to move into a different job where I have to use all of this.
The reporting system is convoluted and not always suited to the tasks required. Initial training sessions were unhelpful as they were comprised of a general demonstration without any contextual guidance. Furthermore, resources provided on the Cornerstone website have been lacking in their ability to assist. The training materials only handle the description of the systems in the abstract and making simple questions about one specific function almost impossible to find an answer to. The help desk isn't outfitted for questions of specific detail either so they could not be of much help. Cornerstone has renewed their training program but their program is not outfitted to deal with day-to-day issues with the system. Cornerstone alone cannot function as the intermediary between staff and the system but we need renewed engagement with the SAS business centers as had been the case in the past. That being said, I do think expense reimbursement and invoice processing has become much easier. 
I had the worst year (and beyond) of my life, because of the poorly planned and executed implementation of Cornerstone.

- reports don't work, too many being still created.  No clear communication, simplifying what is needed.

- faculty, never trained AT ALL, therefore I often had to clean up their mess.  No initiative on their part, and certainly no communication to them on offering training.

- Account Balances - Really!?!?!  The FASN Dean's office just does what they want, no communication, and you just have to go with it.  It was stated that a shadow system was NO LONGER needed.  Honestly if I didn't have one, there would be NO money in my account.

- All of FASN who were involved in Cornerstone, got $$/compensation for their effort and time learning the system, and additional personnel were hired to help them, yet we struggle and have been expected to do so much clean up and numerous steps to always help FASN out.  Clearly ridiculous that WE have no been compensated on this end...E V E R!!!!!

- This has been a very stressful period for me.  I cannot count how many times that I sat at my desk with chest pains, all because of the pressures of this terribly flawed system.  
Using Cornerstone has help me move along quite nicely when using expense management.
I too frequently hear the words "I ran the report and it's given a different number". The amount of inconsistency in financial reporting, the lack of communication within internal systems to assist with drilling down of financial transactions (ie. payroll), the fact there's multiple ways to do the same thing (if you're transferring between GL-to-GL it's a JE, if you're transferring between Project-to-GL it's a cost transfer, etc.) is asinine. While many of us are somewhat getting by, I don't think it was worth the grief and frustration that came with it. The system still needs a lot of work until it is more an aid than a hindrance. It also doesn't help any that upper management put the onus on us rather than a poorly managed roll-out.
I have lost LOTS of money because I was not clear or confident in how to submit reimbursement for travel and more. I could have made more effort to understand the new system but to me it was not WORTH the pain of having to figure it out especially hearing about all the issues everyone has had in dealing with rejected reimbursements, etc.

Its partially my fault but the university deserves some blame because there was NO real assistance to help us figure out the system and the system itself is not user friendly!
Once you understand cornerstone, it isn't difficult. The role out of corner stone was a pain. No one really trained or showed the employees how to process anything in cornerstone, it was all trial by error. Also the codes have changed 3 or 4 times over the past year which is frustrating for some. 
It has made it take longer, and made it more difficult than it was under RIAS.
Cornerstone have been very stressful for me with no training.  When you call help desk no answer and don't respond emails. The financial reports are a mess.
It has wasted a LOT of my work time trying to figure things out in this system. They really should have ironed out all of the kinks before implementing this new system.

The "help line" has been a joke since it began. They have no real knowledge of Cornerstone and how it works. They are unable to answer pretty, basic questions. If you leave a message, you never receive a return call. I have not needed or attempted to call them in several months, so hopefully they have improved. 
I have had to repeat tasks multiple times to obtain results.


I am an organized, detail-oriented person. Most everyone in my department and with whom I work will tell you I pay attention to detail. I take notes and print out information when it is new so I have a guidepost with which to work. One of my biggest issues with the new system is that the information keeps changing. When Cornerstone was rolled out, I printed out the (extremely lengthy) codes for the many different accounts I use for POs, expenses, deposits, journal entries, etc. After using that information multiple times, parts of the codes changed, and changed again. I have now printed out so much information, that instead of having a piece of paper or two with a useful list of account codes and rules, I have multiple fat folders jammed with the latest ‰ÛÏcorrections‰Û and ‰ÛÏnew information‰Û which either supplement or supplant the old information.


Just recently, I noted that other colleagues who use the same codes as I do were using a different Business Line (a portion of the code) than what I was using. They told me I was using the wrong code and to use the one they were using. I did, and was then told by our Business Office that it was incorrect. I should have stuck with what I was using prior to that. And prior to that, I was given different instructions.


On top of that, I‰Ûªve been advised not to use the Mapping Tool in Cornerstone, because it is not accurate. (Is anyone working on bringing it up-to-date?) So the only tool where one is supposed to be able to convert our old accounts to the new ones is useless.


Also, just a month or so ago, I learned I was omitting a field (which apparently you have to scroll down to what appears to be the end of the form and then click on an arrow to make it even appear, otherwise it is hidden) with regard to entering Journal Entries transferred to a Project string (as opposed to a General string). However, all the Journal Entries I‰Ûªve done to date were processed despite this omission.

Regarding Expense Reports, I really dread doing these‰Û¦ they take not just twice as long‰Û¦ maybe four times as long or more‰Û¦. unless it is rejected, more often than not, and then it‰Ûªs longer.


These issues exist over a year after the system was rolled out.
For an extended period of time, the abysmal implementation of Cornerstone significantly interfered with my ability to perform my principal job duties as it interfered with the ability of people I depend on to do theirs. Furthermore, this placed a significant strain on my and my department's ability to maintain a favorable relationship and reputation with external providers and customers and overall had an adverse impact on our revenue in FY 2017-18
I haven't worked much in the Conerstone system. Reimbursements for the most part have been easy to submit, once you know the system. Some general training would be great. 
My job doesn't involve financials. I just hear the complaints--of which there are many.
The system has actually made it a three step process instead of a single order process so it has increased my work for order submission.  If we had the ability to change the lines for accounts it would expedite things.  I don't think it is a terrible program and is quite usable and the staff have been nothing but helpful.
The system itself had glitches at roll out, which is to be expected.  However, the data migration seemed as if was not cleaned and/or reviewed before being transferred into new system, which caused confusion (many duplicate vendors with same address or very similar address, ex., Street vs St) The system was very similar though to what I had worked with at my previous employer so I was able to understand the logic of it and train myself in order to perform job duties.  The amount of A/P inquires I receive now has increased since the implementation, especially at first, which became time consuming.  The inquires had to be answered to avoid service/shipment issue.  
I have not had a good experience with Rutgers financial system or payroll since I started here in 2/2016.  Every week (almost every day) I waste hours of precious time tracking down financial transactions that were processed either incorrectly on not promptly  
My venders are not happy at all. Their invoices get submitted and only some of them are paid on the same PO without explanation.

Thank goodness I have great internal accounting staff who tries to figure out these partial payments and get to the bottom of the problem.
I struggle daily with trying to figure out how to use the financial systems. There are so many steps and confusing settings... It's so frustrating. 
Although I am not a business manager, Cornerstone has directly impacted my ability to obtain vendor quotes and process purchase orders.
Reimbursements are not timely
This was a debacle from Day 1. It has put the departments back 20 years in the ability to do almost everything from purchase necessary items for labs (both instructional and research)  to report to funding agencies with any sense of accuracy. I thoroughly believe that if the national funding agencies realized how poorly this system is able to account for their money the university would all lose all grant funding.

I cannot state emphatically enough how badly the implementation and roll out of this system was handled.

Every aspect of this has doubled and in many cases quadrupled the time we need to spend to complete a task.

The purchasing system  takes much longer than RIAS despite the very belated efforts to streamline it. The accounts cannot be tracked in a manner that the departments need. Costs per course, which has become a major factor in departmental funding, can no longer be tracked efficiently.

One of the biggest impacts outside of the inability to do our work efficiently was the impact this system and the people coordinating the  response to our problems had on the morale of the staff. In attempting to make us believe that each and everyone of us was the problem for not accepting change, the leaders completely frustrated and demoralized each and everyone of us. I remember attending a meeting very early on where the staff were referred to as "the lowest levels of the university."  Those "lowest levels" have kept the university open and functioning (I use that term very loosely) during the past year while the highest levels try to blame us for their mistakes and arrogance.

There is always an issue and resolving it takes hours, days, weeks.
It has made my job much, much more difficult
The slow paying to vendors has become overwhelming to say the least,

the forms to be filled out to process PO request is changed so often that remembering the steps is impossible, and if it's submitted wrong it's back to the drawing board which equals time loss.
It has made it much more of a time consuming process to do my job.  There are way too many reports, never knowing which one to run to comply with our state requirements. They threw out the bathwater with the baby!   That coupled with the fact that we have no real business office support has made it extremely challenging.  Management did not take into account that admins are doing this work; yet we were not consulted before the implementation.  I feel like business specialists/managers should be doing this work  at this point because they have the broader knowledge of accounting functions.  Alot of times this is just way over my head. I am all for change, but there has been so much of it across the university, I feel very overwhelmed.

On the positive side, Mr Gower has been listening and very attentive. I make it a point to go to the town hall meetings and speak my truth.  I have managed to find my own network of folks to assist me (which I truthfully dont think should have been my responsibility to do....train myself?  really?) They are trying to train better with  a more simplistic focus. I find it actually funny that there are about 40 people on the cornerstone side who are the "experts" in little sections but we have to know all of everything!  
At the beginning of the implementation it was chaotic, depressing and my anxiety level was up 1000%.  This caused me to get sick.  Nowadays, since I stopped caring, I feel much better.

The upper management does not care for the staff. 15 months has past and still we have not been given the proper reports and the proper training.  When I can't do the task that has been assigned to me, I blame Knightsbridge and upper management and move on.  I hope they get their act together in 2018.

The biggest thing is the reporting. I asked my business specialist for a report to see if we had transferred funds properly to another unit. The document I was given was 750 pages long and this was months after we couldn't run any reports at all. The old reports used to be user friendly for anyone to read and be able figure out basic transactions and balances. This new system is not user friendly at all. 
In order to process a former JE- I first, was not granted access until one year after implementation. Now, I have to create my spreadsheet, send for approval within my department, department sends this to SAS, and SAS will export and let me know when complete. Once this is done, I can go and pull my project numbers. If the approver is out and SAS is busy- the whole process is stalled. This is incredibly frustrating! 
Cornerstone has placed a tremendous amount of stress on doing the job. it takes twice the time to complete each transaction. Even though I go to training, many times areas that should be addressed are not addressed due to time restraints. I wonder if it would be better to have a financial person in each department solely responsible for working on Cornerstone. 
The initial roll out of the Cornerstone system caused a lot of chaos and disruption in everyone's work; accounts were not setup properly, vendors weren't getting paid, no one had answers to simple questions. The training provided before and after the roll out was useless, although one year later it improved significantly. The marketplace seems to be working well however, it still needs some work. It would be nice to have a training or guide on how to use the "accounts" correctly for appropriate purchases. We were just given a huge list of natural accounts with little guidance on proper usage, leaving much room for error.  
As an end-user, I believe that too many facets of this new & improved university-wide system were rolled out at the same time. The "old systems" should have continued to run in tandem until Cornerstone's functionality was confirmed to be completed for each individual project.  Cornerstone components are supposed to improve how work gets done but instead it created extra steps for the end-users to complete simple tasks.  Additional action documents are required to rectify simple system errors.  New reports do not work as advertised and former reliable reports have been eliminated. Tasks that took 1 or 2 people to handle now takes 3,4 or 5 people (some of which are from multiple departments) to complete and, the amount of time has tripled.  

The intension to make this a more streamlined and automated online system was admiral but the amount of time and effort on the part of the end-users has tripled and, quite frankly, caused tension between departments and co-workers that did not exist before. 

Rutgers is not a share-holders corporation where the bottom line is the most important facet of who we are.  We can and should always look for ways to improve functionality but not at the expense of our dedicated employees.  Quality, not Quantity should be our priority~!

This system including Cornerstone takes more time to complete all tasks then the RIAS system. It is harder to find what is needed. 
Design is poor. Not user-friendly. Poor design and lack of user-friendly features makes ability to complete tasks more difficult. 
Cornerstone is very confusing, not easy to navigate.

Accessing information in the system is time consuming and not always clear.

Journal entries are so hard to process and get approved, although I've had about 30 minutes of training. I follow the instructions given, had a colleague assist me and still they're rejected.

Now I need to meet with the Business Manager, again. Ugh!
1) 48 Invoices were lost by Invoice Processing not once, but twice, during 2017.   These were sent to Invoice Processing in the recommended manner, scanned and emailed.   We later found out when the email is too full, it purges.   This caused our account with the supplier to be placed on hold and we could not make purchases.   This whole time, we had no idea that invoices were not being paid.  We brought this issue to a town hall meeting where Mike Gower brushed it off as being a one time thing.   It's insulting to us that Mike Gower did not show concern for this issue.   We are ordering medications for the pharmacy which directly impacts students getting the prescriptions they need filled. 

2) It has been difficult to know which report to run which will provide the information you are seeking.    A lot of this information is still unclear.

3) I feel like the town hall meetings are a waste of time.   They are not being straight with the folks that attend these meetings and I have stopped going to them.

4)  Cash Processing is now handled in each department.  In the past, Cashiers Department handled this task centrally.  Student Health has a large amount of cash journals to process each week.    I am spending at least 6-8 hours a week on this task.   I have asked numerous times for help and was promised a part-time worker would be hired by July 1, 2017.   The help I was promised never materialized.   I am still waiting for help to process cash journals.   By the way, there has been no additional compensation for this task as well.

Jean Kibala
It has required extra time, effort, and energy to complete certain tasks. In addition, the delay in payments has hurt relationships with vendors.
 Many of the things I rated as N/A used to be part of my job description, but no longer are because of the cornerstone implementation. Cornerstone has not made things easier and the help desk, in my experience, responds weeks after you contact, which is not helpful when your questions are time-sensitive. 
It's definitely way easier than RIAS, but it has its own separate issues. POs are closed and cancelled without notification, it's difficult to get checks in hand, and when you request it, sometimes they are mailed directly to the vendor way in advance of the event (not OK). 
It makes repetitive tasks much more time consuming and complicated. Every time I enter an expense report item, I have to change the accounting numbers. For every item in every report. I can not set an overall account, or change the default or duplicate. Every time I enter similar expenses I have to start each one over. Meal reimbursements for 6 days require up to 18 expense item entries. Before I could have done all of the accounting at once. Now it has to all be entered secretively.

Reports are never guaranteed to be accurate. And when I get a report that includes something processed in a system that is not SciQuest, I can't get any data on it. My report has a P Card charge from a staff member from when the account was used for something else, but I have no way to find information about it. When an expense report is run, there is no easy way to print the summary and the person who entered it. How can I be expected to accurately keep track of accounts when I can't get all of the information or an accurate report for a project?
I remain astounded at the poor design of the Cornerstone program and of its implementation. 

1) Virtually everyone is running a shadow system because Cornerstone has failed at giving us adequate reports. 

2) The system does not let you know when there is a problem.  I don't know if Finance has yet fixed the issue of where you could combine a UDO with an incorrect account (one that didn't belong to it), and send it right on through.  How is it even possible that such a huge hole was allowed?  RIAS kicked it back automatically.  Also, you can get a notification that something, say a deposit, is "approved," only to find that it didn't go through at all.  No notification.

3) The inherent flawed design where approvers are scattered throughout the university, rather than overseeing one unit, is incomprehensible.  People have no idea what they are approving. Travel expenses, even for grants, go out to approvers unfamiliar with the grant. 

4) The approver tables are still riddled with problems. 

5) The time to get a supplier into the system has increased threefold.  Under RIAS, it was 3-4 days.  In the very first days of Cornerstone, it was 24 hours.  Now, the process has collapsed and takes two weeks. Is this acceptable?

6) The chart of accounts must be useless at this point. It's been reworked maybe 4 times.  Top management clearly cannot figure out what they want it to do.  I can only imagine the chaos of the changing combinations of numbers. 

7) The helpline has gotten better, but there are still too many times when no one picks up and voicemail says the message box is full.

8) Procedures change randomly and suddenly.  "Refreshed training" is a euphemism for "let's start over."  I have never seen a more poorly implemented training program.  There is still no handbook.  We have to  try to look through barely usable videos (actually, I'll bet most of those videos are now obsolete) or try to find the right one of 40 "job aids."  The majority of users are calling one another for information.  Is that acceptable?

9) The fact the extremely common journal entry has become such an ordeal is a huge failure in Cornerstone. 

10)The grants interfaces are broken.  Getting a grant into the system to postaward means making two incompatible systems work together, with information being retyped from one to another. 

In short, at no point does this system (which they are still trying to "stabilize" after 18 months) give me the confidence in the tools or the speed in even basic functions (such as how much money does my unit have) to effectively manage funds.  Things that used to take 3 minutes in Discoverer now take 10 times that long, sometimes longer.  And no, this isn't normal. 
it has not had a direct impact on my job but did have a negative impact for other people in my department.
Cornerstone's impact on my ability to do my job has been in some aspects difficult regarding getting assistance with from an individual on a one to one basis.
I was thrilled when I heard we were getting new Systems that should make processes & procedures more efficient.  The reality has been very different.  The systems are not intuitive, the steps are cumbersome, they do not always have the correct information, and they have added steps to processes rather than streamline them. Contacting Help Desks is almost worthless.  Instruction has been insufficient.  If System Processes are documented they are a mess... how about an online Users Manual that is easy to follow and not Websites and Emails that you have to guess where to go to find out information if it is even documented at  all.  Many processes or tools we were given did not even work because of incorrect information.

I see that the focus seems to have been on the reporting functions without taking into account how to make that information accurate.  It is quite evident that any input given from users was ignored.  "Garbage in garbage out."

I worked for both AT&T and Lucent Technologies when they implemented both Oracle and SAP and although the transition was painful, it was nothing like this.  This has been the biggest mess I have ever dealt with in all my years of system changes/enhancements.  This has added time and inaccuracy to our processes because it was not thought through...Shame on Rutgers!! 
SAS has moved Heather DeMeo to a training/Cornerstone training role

She has created guides that were really helpful, and has done training sessions that have made life at the departments easier.

I attended one of her union trainings as well.  I loved it.  I am hoping the union has her do more. 

It is odd that SAS is the productive school.  
As it was understandable to expect a significant impact to the daily business operations during a merger of this type along with the establishment of a new administrative information system, it should not be acceptable that well over a year later available data, lack of efficient reporting and resolutions still exist at such a high level of unreliability. There remains a disconnect between the central management units when  decisions to implement changes do not take into consideration the full impact within another area. Simply, a system designed specifically for the General Ledger reporting during Phase 1 which did not take into account the Sub-Ledger (grant) requirements highlights this severe disconnect. Reporting remains time consuming, challenging and overwhelming therefore it has had an overall negative impact on my ability to do my job.
I do not work with cornerstone.
Creating expense reports take much longer than the older TABER process.  Cornerstone expects the employee to know every account code and, if there is a problem, it is required to start all over again; you cannot just edit the mistake and resubmit. 

The reports available for grant expenditures are not helpful.  Too much unnecessary and redundant information is listed in the report while information that would be helpful is not available.  Of course, that is when reports are working properly.  The final report for a grant I worked on last summer was due to the sponsor in October.  As of January 11, Cornerstone is still not able to accurately provide the report we need to submit to grant administrator/sponsor. 

Accounting staff continue to leave Rutgers, which is not helpful when you are trying to get answers - our office contacts have changed multiple times over the past year.  I've been told that many employees move on to other jobs because they cannot handle the excess work and uncertainty caused by Cornerstone.  I do not know how true this is but I would certainly believe it.  
When the program was introduced to us, I was an advocate as it sounded like a vast improvement over the old system.  Since the new system's implementation however, I have had nothing but hurdles in the work place.  I am afraid to use the instructions I'm given because of the constant changes to processes.  So many that I can't keep up.  Expense Management: processing expense reports takes me three times as long. Due to the unique organization structure that the people I process expense reports for, I am required to enter financial information on every line item.  I can't rely on the "apply project and/or account" feature as they don't always work.  Our grants require backup and due to the poor layout of the expense form, I am using 2-3 times as much paper costing our grants more money in paper and file space not to mention time to get them submitted.  The system also arbitrarily changes the expenditure type making my data inaccurate and useless.  It also has changed line item dates making our quarterly reporting to our funder inaccurate.  I‰Ûªve brought this problem up several times to people at the help desk.  One woman literally laughed at me.  The others just brushed me off.  RU Marketplace works fairly well and have no complaints there.  Reports:  They are constantly changing them and there are too many.  I don't know what reports to use anymore.  Ridiculous process to find them.  It takes forever and a day to produce a useful PD report (or any other report for that matter).  You need to hide a lot of redundant and unnecessary columns once it's in Excel.  You should be able to create a default, but you can't. The system is cumbersome and unreliable.  Because everything takes me longer, I no longer have time to do "housekeeping" on my accounts.  It seems instead of fixing problems at the root, we are given ‰ÛÏwork arounds‰Û.  I don't feel good about my job anymore.  I think this new system is an embarassment and makes Rutgers looks foolish.
This system has been a complete nightmare. From the start it was evident the product chosen by Mike Gower, was not suited for a higher education institution. Oracle was designed for corporations, which makes me wonder what questions did he even ask before making this decision. Additionally, if he did ask the proper questions, and he chose it anyway his level of competency must be questioned. A vanilla version of the system was purchased, knowing massive customization would be needed to make it function properly. To my knowledge millions up millions have been spent on consulting firms, which haven't achieved anything close to the level that Discover delivered. Mike Gower chose the Huron firm the same firm he had a relationship with at the university of Vermont that ultimately resulted in him resigning for violations of policy. (see article https://muckgers.com/in-depth-look-reports-show-rutgerss-new-cfo-hails-from-history-of-controversies-6f327a18a60b ). Has anyone asked the questions as to why he would continue to make the same mistakes here that he made at a previous university that caused him to resign? I would hope someone is taking a closer look to see if he is possibly profiting off implementing people soft and then having Huron "fix" the problems. All the money that has been spent on this debacle could have been invested back into the university in other ways. Possibly even towards staff salaries, after all we're the ones whose jobs have completely changed due to this system.  I'm currently doing tasks that have nothing to do with the job I was hired for and aren't stated anywhere in my job description. I am not alone in this, and I would assume everyone other survey you receive from anyone that works in the financial side will carry a similar tone. I loved my job before, I came to here from another college and would tell my manager weekly how happy I was and glad that I cam here. I no longer feel that way, and feel let down by Rutgers. I am currently at a point where I am considering seeking other employment, as I feel undervalued, underpaid, and overworked. All of this while Mike Gower retains his position after another epic failure, and to add insult to injury he has the gall to come to a town hall and show pictures of him and his family on vacation while many employees were told they could not take a vacation due to the volume of work created by his awful decision.
Reports are cumbersome to run and not very functional. Something that used to take a few minutes to run in the old RIAS system now takes hours and even after running reports, I'm not confident that the numbers are correct.

It's hard to determine accounts beginning balances as the funds from last fiscal year have not been transferred over for fiscal 2018.

I've resorted to maintaining a shadow system because the new reports are so inefficient.
Nothing but problems since its inception.  It takes four times as long to get things done and there's always issues.  Poor training on all aspects of Cornerstone.  Very frustrating still
I joined Rutgers in June 2017 from another higher ed public institution out of state. Trying to learn the Cornerstone system made it impossible for me to do my job because there was nobody to provide me training (not even my immediate colleagues). A lot of staff who trained were off in the summer. Training documents, if even available online, were not updated or were inaccurate. I was told by colleagues that reports generated inaccurate data which made them totally unreliable, hence I couldn't do my job a financial manager.

Policies with regard to financial management are either missing or not up-to-date online. Help Desk staff support are very hard to reach, let alone trying to find their contact information online is impossible (because they are not posted).

Rutgers has ways to go. They should start by being transparent and having leadership and employees be held accountable. For starters, post University policies online where they can easily be accessed by employees and make sure they are updated regularly. There's a lot of confusion as to what is right and wrong because policies and procedures are not available for employees--post them online.

After the transition to the new system, it made the situation worse because leadership at Rutgers did not acknowledge that there was something wrong with how the new system was implemented. Hold leaders who make important decisions accountable and demand that they be transparent.

Oftentimes when I talk to Help Desk Staff I get the runaround because nobody takes ownership of their work. Rutgers needs to train their staff to become subject experts in whatever role they hold. This creates accountability. 
This has been the most stressful & disorganized transition I have ever been a part of during my bookkeeping career. I have been doing this for 30 years. I am not a CPA. The help desk gets better then regresses again. Training has been dreadful. I am now signing up for various courses 1 year after going through turmoil. I've considered leaving the university because of the stress despite being here 20 years. There's just never enough time in the day to properly learn & execute the new processes without issues. Marketplace has been very user friendly- however- RU was giving conflicting training all along. Seems like the Instructors were not sure of the information they were providing. I am never sure which instructions I have are useful or outdated. Not enough time in the day. It's been an awful experience. I want to stay & retire at RU, but I feel under qualified & am second guessing myself every corner I turn. Its appears it may be getting better but its been a nightmare.
it makes doing my job a lot more tedious and often time consuming, especially when things don't work or information that was once quick and easily accessible now requires running multpile reports (when they work and if you can locate the right report quickly).  When it took weeks for a PO to be created for the CAMPUS BOOKSTORE due to issue with vendor information in the system... that's a problem (and this occurred this FY).
Some things take twice as long to do. Not very clear on what forms to use. Things getting returned in marketplace for no reason, help desk just sends a populated email and says a work order is opened, then you get an email saying problem believed fixed and it hasn't been. Waiting over 1 week once a vendor is put into the system to be able to do a PO. This system is probably good for managers but it is not user friendly. 
While the product turned out to be functional in the end (and in the case of reimbursements, greatly improved) the rollout was problematic. It took place at a very busy time of year and the training was lacking.
It is very difficult to run a report and get an accurate balance. The negative and positives are confusing in  one report they mean one thing in one report and in a different report they mean another thing.

Doing a transfer or journal entry is much more complicated and time consuming than it was in the past.Every dept does things differently so there is no clear direction on when to do a cost transfer versus a revenue transfer. 

The cash transmittal's are  also much more complicated and when done incorrectly it is rejected but yet there is no email blast that notifies us when updates are made on how the cash transmittal should be done. 
I find the process of creating expense reports for reimbursement very time-consuming. The system is also a bit difficult to teach to people who are a bit less tech-savvy. It would be wonderful if the interface consisted of one page for each report and one could add a field for each expense item. Also an easier, faster way to upload supporting documentation would be helpful.

The purchasing process is not very intuitive either. It seems as if there are a lot of excess fields for making simple purchases, that places to upload additional documents are not obvious.
it's been fine
When I need an immediate answer to an issue I cannot reach anyone on the phone; the helpdesk is useless because the response time in days or not at all.  When something is rejected, there is no direction on how or where to correct it.  We need more training.
My position is unique in that I function as primarily "pre-award" for grant-funded projects. As such, I don't reconcile account, and I don't process expenditures or handle procurement. However, I do need to be able to review balances, and track spending for comparison, and it's difficult. Even though Angelo at GCA has gone over and above in manually creating report generators, there is NO ABILITY TO HAVE ONE ALL-ENCOMPASSING REPORT. No ability to match the information previously provided by REX. The recent decision to disable REX for historical data is not helping, either. Agencies request detailed reports and when the Period of Performance falls before the inception of Cornerstone, it's frequently difficult and sometimes impossible to locate this data.

These problems are a direct result of Rutgers having purchased a system which is NOT created for grant management, NOT flexible enough, and so on. For a University which prides itself on being a research leader, and having several departments leading Federal agency funding lists, it was a very poor, shortsighted, and ill-informed decision.

I'm able to function on strictly "pre", by working as the liaison between my PIs and Sponsored Programs. But once the monies have arrived, the system is awkward, and full of pitfalls.
I only use the system in order to process my T&E payments, and I've found it much more user-friendly and intuitive than I thought. It's a little clunky, but at least I can tell where my material is in the process. I feel more in control of how it is presented as well. And I think I get paid back faster. It does have quirks, and I'm never sure who to go to when I have a question or problem about it, and there doesn't seem to be a good way of communicating changes in the procedures to end users though. 
I do like Marketplace better than what we had in RIAS. That has made life better, but for everything Cornerstone  has added to my ability to do my job, not made it easier. There are too many reports needed to look up the information that use to be available in one or two reports previously. It seems we have gone backwards not forward. 
Since I work with student travel (some on the system and other not) it has made more work for me. Students that are not on payroll have to be put in the system as a vendor.  That means I have to do the paperwork to get them in as a vendor then process a payment via check request.  This makes it a two step process instead of one. Doubles that amount of work I have to do for a student that may only travel once.  Since I do competitions out of state for teams this makes work a bit more intense when you have 4 students and sometimes 6 teams. 
It would be nice if there were instructions for certain functions.

I handle wires processed though Treasury Operations and have requesters of wires constantly call be because the few online instructions that are published are useless or can't be found.

The requesters constantly complete a certain section of the wire form incorrectly which results in me returning the request to the preparer.

This creates more work for myself and frustration on the part of the requester.

I myself have compiled notes on preparing and submitting wires in Market Place which I gave to the people that were posting the wires instructions online but they only posted minimal information from my notes.

Therefore, when requesters ask how to complete the wire I send them my compiled notes after which time they seldom have questions and complete the wire form correctly.

On another note...domestic wires were supposed to be run through the accounting system without Treasury involved but there seems to be a hold up with the ability of the software.

This has greatly increased the number of domestic transfers flowing through Treasury Operations.

All in all, I am not writing this as a complaint.

You asked on my opinion of the system so there I gave it.

I actually love the work I do here and like to assist people with their concerns and they are very appreciative when I ease their frustrations.

Overtime, the system has become easier to use. However, it has been very time consuming to learn how to use it while getting your daily tasks done in a timely manner.  Training was very confusing and unorganized.

In hindsight, I would've suggested more intense training which should have included highlights of important terms, what forms must be included with requests/reports/amendments etc., and the hierarchy breakdown of the system.

More training on FM reporting please!

Overall, kudos to the help desk for their patience and help.

This will just be a run-on commentary --- please excuse the form. 

As you know, in the beginning, Cornerstone did not function properly - we were held accountable for the fact that our work was being processed incorrectly, even though we had no control over it.  That set us off on a bad foot - work that we could do with our eyes closed, seemed impossible to handle.  We were made to feel inadequate.  The training sessions were too broad, or did not apply to us, leading to more confusion.  Vendors did not want to work with us because they were not getting paid - As you well know, that took months to work itself out - not counting how much money was spent on outside assistance.  To this date, over a year later, our location is still listed incorrectly in the system, and has to be changed manually - that is not progress.  The help desk in the beginning was inundated with calls, and hard to reach, or didn't have the answers.  Today, they are a tremendous help with issues that linger, and I cannot say enough good things about their ability to walk you through the hardest issue.  We, as a department, have tried to log onto webinars for programs offered, only to find out we were unable to hear them, or they did not apply to us.  Material is sent out randomly, and is not easy to find.  We knew the process was going to take time, but bugs still exist.  Progress is way too slow; work still needs to be done to streamline the guidelines.  The training sessions are available, but limited on the Newark campus.  It would be very helpful to have them within the schools locally, rather than take a bus to medical buildings or distant places in NB.  May I suggest that, if at all possible, local help become available for walk-in situations.  If someone knows the system inside and out - have them accessible on campus for a hands-on visit.  For some, visual help works better than verbal.  Faculty members find the expense management program awkward, and the system was to be made so that they could complete their expense reports on the fly - they do not do that - saving all the receipts and submitting as they would a TABER.  That is not the progress we expected.  I'm sure there are more issues, but that's what comes to mind immediately.
Jobs change with time, technology and knowledge, so we should expect change.  Not all change is easy and smooth, but I am capable enough to adapt, so Cornerstone has not affected my ability to do my job. 

To whomever reads this:  count your blessings, and if Cornerstone is your biggest problem, be grateful.  If Cornerstone is not your biggest problem, then it is not worth the extra stress that worrying about it would cause.  May God bless you and those you love. 
I have been the project director on a major Federal Department of Education funded grant since June 2017. I received NO training in Cornerstone other than my boss trying to show me how to use it. She also received no training, and was VERY frustrated with the system. It takes hours to figure it out. It's not user friendly. And then reimbursement requests get rejected after all our work. Honestly our time is MUCH better spent doing the work our grant is funding, not just digital 'paperwork' bureaucracy. We have a new grant specialist in our department and she has still not been able to acquire a full spending report of our grant thus far. We've just completed year 1 of grant funding. I have no clue how to run reports, I didn't even know you could do that in Cornerstone until now. I keep my own budget records in an excel document that is much more helpful than Cornerstone. And I have to keep it just to be able to enter my expenses in Cornerstone. I recently got an error message when trying to enter reports, and I just gave up and quit because I also didn't know anything about a help desk. So what is this Cornerstone training the survey mentioned? Maybe access to the training is the problem.

Just for some positives, I appreciate the automatic totaling of expenses when I enter mileage and other travel costs. I hope I can participate in a training or that the help chat feature becomes more accessible. Thank you.
no impact
I do not use Cornerstone except for processing expense reimbursements, searching for office supplies that we need to purchase and managing my personal information (direct deposit, change of address, etc.). In fairness, I don't know if any of that is Cornerstone, but my experiences with the above have been excellent.
I do grant reconciliation and the original transition made it very difficult. We had to keep 2 spreadsheets for each of the grants. The reports would show different totals and amounts for the grants based on which on you used. Even now, a year later, the Manage Award Overview total shows a different expenditure amount than the Manage Project Cost expenditure total. It also makes it difficult that you cannot see more details about project charges and whose salary is hitting. You have to go to several different locations and look at multiple reports just to reconcile one grant.
Instead of making it more efficient and taking less time, I am wasting more time especially on cash transmittals, journal entries, and reimbursements for outside speakers, i.e. check quests now.  They offered hardly any training.  Now they just removed the Chart Mapping of account tool which was very helpful to double-check numbers like the fund type, business line and some natural accounts.  I guess they expect that we have these numbers memorized in our brains.  Extremely frustrating
Doing my job takes longer and it frustrating.  I have not been able to catch up.  I don't understand why they had to make everything to complicated. 
Since I do not have access to anything in Cornerstone, it has impacted my job greatly.  I was hired to work with financial data and manage monitor our grants and payments.  But I do not have a financial title so I do not have access to anything related to our grants.  I have to sign-in with my supervisors' information in order to do my job.  Everything takes much longer because there is fewer data available.  Vendors complain constantly about not getting their payments as quickly.  Whereas in the past I could quickly assure them of their payments, check #'s, dates on the check etc.  This information is more difficult to find in the new system.  To top it all off little by little my job duties are being taken away.  My current position is morphing into something unrecognizable from what I applied for and where my strengths lie.
I am a relatively new employee. I started in March 2017, which was after the implementation of Cornerstone. I have had a difficult time on-boarding to Rutgers as a whole. Most Cornerstone training/documentation is geared toward transitioning existing employees to the new system. I understand the importance of this, since there are more people in that situation. However, as a brand new employee, there is little value in training that compares this new system to an old system I never experienced. Since my peers and supervisors are now transitioning to this new system, there are no subject matter experts I can reach out to for assistance.  I feel like I am on an island being a new employee; I have been trained on a system that does not seem to work by people who do not completely understand it, without a point of reference to how things should work or used to work.

In general, it seems like there was a major disconnect between those who developed the new system and those who have to use it. I think 150 reports were rolled out. I work on at the department level and have only found maybe 10 reports useful. I would be very interested to see some statistics on which reports are used the most and by which departments. I have no idea which reports are being used and which reports are for my role. It would be nice to see some good, well-thought out communication with tangible benefits, a summary of what has been accomplished so far, and clear goals, as opposed to just hearing about various timelines and the next milestone. 
some things are much quicker than before
Management is unable to easily access fund reports for the faculty, so they have increased the workload of the staff by having them keep spreadsheets for each faculty member to keep track of it.
It took time to learn the basics
It has basically doubled the time it takes to do any administrative task.  Instructions are confusing and training seems to be non-existent.  the training I have taken has little to do with the actual use of these systems.
We can not run one report that can give us the information we need to manage our Sponsored/Non-sponsored accounts.  So many different reports need to be run to get on report and then you have to manually put the different reports together to make one good one.  Everyone uses different reports and different ways to do reconciliations and there is no consistency in anything.  Reports keep changing. PDR does not match what is on Oracle reports for salary.  Fringe isn't calculated correctly. I have had projects end and the carryforward/supplement is still not showing in Oracle.  I feel that that problem is Rutgers is understaffed in most departments and very well underpaid.  There are positions with the same title and in one place its Exempt and the other place its not Exempt.  I hope the union looks into looking at that.  For example, a Business Specialist may be Exempt in one place at Rutgers but may not be in another place.  How is that fair and where is the consistency?! When these positions are Exempt they overload you with work and you end up working so many hours a week to try to finish your work.  Systems don't work which make everything a lot more difficult.  Everyone at Rutgers complains about the systems and all you hear is that they are working on it. 
Over the past year there has been much improvement in the system and training. 
I have lost hundreds of dollars in non-reimbursed expenses lost because of system problems in Cornerstone and the inability of the business office to correct the problems or advise me as to how to correct them myself. The codes are obscure and confusing and I waste time - every time- I try to use it
I don't use cornerstone much; only to enter payment requests for vendors for services provided.  To date, if the system is up, it is usually pretty simple.  When there is a glitch, (i.e. supplier approved, but request for payment is rejected for "supplier") it takes a day or two before it clears.   Sometimes the help desk responds immediately and has great follow-up, othertimes I won't hear anything, continue to check the system and find the the error clears. 
Cornerstone is user friendly and much better than RIAS, however my frustrations are with the communication and help from my business office.
Cornerstone has increasingly impacted the time and effort needed to complete daily functions. In addition, Cornerstone has increased the need to create internal trainings for our departments which created additional work for myself.
No impact really since a lot of the functions aren't applicable to my job. I only use for mileage reimbursements,email app, and employee related tabs.
It takes much longer to do my job.   Especially when it comes to processing Expense Reports.
I started after implementation, so I have no comparison to the old system, however training resources are limited and not easy to find.  Some user guides are incomplete or missing steps and not intuitive.  Running reports is a time consuming process with too many steps.  Additionally, removing the "drill down" feature from reports and journal entries has complicated the process of inquiring and analysis of account details.  Reconciling accounts is cumbersome and data is not always accurate.  Improvements can be made overall.  
I did not get any training, at all,  mainly because after the takeover by NB, Physical Plant Newark' employees are invisible.  training was withheld and only 2 prepares are allowed to open PO's.  Dianne Gravette never even talked to the office personal.  when Yohanna Alcantara has tried to send us to be training, NB management always stopped her.  thank goodness for Purchasing Newark, Ida Angelone helps us as much as she can, without her we would be lost.
I primarily use Cornerstone to submit travel reimbursements. The systems was touted to be easy and faster. I do receive the reimbursements faster than the TABER system, but it is not easier. I cannot save standard expense items such as NJ travel to Metropark, Per diems for standard travel locations, etc. In addition, the drop down location feature is clumsy and its search function inefficient, and the fact that each Per diem item has to go on its own line so no violations occur is so unnecessary. It takes twice as long or longer to fill in the detail required in order to ensure the reimbursement will not be kicked into audit.

I don't wish to return to the TABER system, but I do feel that not enough thought was put into how the system needs to work for the end users at a large institution, and it was rolled out way too early without sufficient testing. 
Due to the implementation I was overwhelmed and taken out of work for 2.5 months due to stress in the work place.
working as team player
It has made my job more time consuming. I spend hours trying to reconcile accounts because the reports do not meet my needs. I am forced to create shadow reports to figure out all of our revenue, expenses, and balances. In the old system you only needed 1-2 reports in order to find the information you needed. Now you have to go to multiple reports to find the information and then put it all together in your own spreadsheets. If you're working with the GL you can't even really ascertain you true balance.  The training sessions teach you where to find different reports and run them but they do not discuss what information is included in each report nor how you can use the report and why you would need a particular report.

There needs to be a portal for vendors to update their own information, submit invoices and check on the status of their invoices. Vendors are still calling departments when their payment is delayed and sometimes when we direct them to the vendor hotline they do not get a response. Also, if an invoice is missing information or is inaccurate. The department and vendor should be notified immediately. We do not find out about this information until the vendor is inquiring about the delayed payment.
Hi All,

I could speak to the overall comments from coworkers; I had to respond NA to the detailed questions as my job doesn't require using cornerstone.  
Has negatively impacted the efficiency of my job.
it was too much at all once
Too much broad information - in other words - so many ways to get even one report (same) leads confusion.
The system has not made that many improvements since the last survey.  The reports are not easy to run nor are they that accurate.  As far a paying vendors, invoices should be uploaded the day they are submitted, I have vendors that copy me on their emails to Accounts Payable with the invoice and it sometimes does not show up until a few weeks.  I then have vendors asking where their payment stands.  Should the vendors not be calling accounts payable and not us?  Also why does it take up to 2 weeks for a vendor to be entered into the system?  Also when the system is down, we should get an email alerting us that it is down and when it comes back up we should get another email letting us know it is working, a lot of my time is wasted trying to log in.  
The new financial system does not fit the needs of the university. The workarounds created to get the basic functions done are often limited and complicated. These difficulties are only exacerbated by the limited amount of available training. This has all created a stressful environment for all levels of staff, faculty, and students. 
The new GL system has made my job very difficult. It takes so much time to generate reports, reconcile grant accounts, post invoicing, etc.  Agencies and departments are complaining about late invoicing and closeouts being prepared.  Nothing is being done by management to correct these issues.  Management does not want to give overtime so I have to leave after 7.5 hours.  But every day there are emails about invoicing and closeouts that I can't get to as quickly as they are due.  There are great backlogs of work that management is not dealing with or finding ways to improve getting the work done.  It is causing a lot of anxiety for me.  I can't even take time off because there is so much work and if you take a day off, then you come back to so much more work and emails.
I primarily work with RU Marketplace (Sciquest) to create POs for our vendors. I recommend there should be some type notification to the user that a PO balance is running low or is depleted/over-invoiced. There is a lot of work after the fact to discover that a vendor has been sending over invoices to accounts payable to an insufficient PO and to rectify the situation.

If an invoice is submitted that can't be paid under the purchase order, procurement should have a notification for the user to increase funds or close the PO.
Takes a lot longer to process purchases and expenses.    A lot more involved and a lot more paper to be printed out and saved.    Expense report system does not allow me to view expense reports beyond 6 months.   If a graduate student leaves the university, I can no longer view expense reports.   Therefore, we have to print everything and keep more paper copies.   Account reporting seems to be unavailable and/or unreliable.    I cannot see any reports at my level.   Initial training did not involve closing/amending purchase orders.   I cannot easily find any online documentation.   Help desk has been helpful recently.   In the beginning they were unfamiliar with the system and just thrown in to help.  At that time, the best help we received was by sending out a general email to see if anyone else knew the answer.   Help desk should have been outside people familiar with software system.   
Like any new system it takes a while to learn. However still doing basic tasks such as ordering materials and supplies takes 2-3 times as long as it should. There is no flexibility to change, or add, to an order on the fly. Adding vendors to the Punchout suppliers would make a HUGE difference in ease of use and time savings in the ordering process. Te requirement of including a file(pdf, word, screenshot, etc) with the order is also very tedious and difficult. Some vendors use a shopping cart system to build an order that results in a many page document.
I don't find Cornerstone to be difficult to use. Some of the help desk people are more helpful than others, but I have never been unable to resolve a problem. I received excellent training from Heather De Meo and I know where to find answers. Cornerstone is a non-issue for me.
Cornerstone, specifically the Expense Management system has made my work related to it take much more time and caused a great deal of frustration. I do understand that new systems might have some bugs and glitches, but with that being said that means that those running this new system should be able to work with you in a helpful and friendly way toward resolving them. Instead, the answers we receive continue to put more work on our end to fix them, are short and unhelpful, and do not address underlying issues to avoid them in the future--causing the same issues to continue causing the same problem. It prohibits me from getting my other work done to constantly have to communicate problems, navigate RU employees who supposedly serve as the help desk, redo work to process simple reimbursement and ultimately delay funds to employees who need them and are waiting on them.
There is a learning curve for the community, but I'm optimistic that once the bugs are worked out and the community gets comfortable with the new system, it will run smooth and meet the needs of the University.
It has not greatly impacted me from doing my job. 
I try not to use Cornerstone, but other tool such as Tableau to get info from the Ledger.  Cornerstone is not user friendly!
Everything takes twice as long to do as in the prior system.  I hope they did not think this new system was going to save them money!
i had to switch jobs and was lucky enough to find one that took me at my current  pay scale but with less

Cornerstone usage.  It had been a very oppressive situation having to learn all facets of it without adequate support. 
In my position I handle purchasing for our dept, I dont work with financial reports of COA.

Problems I run into are:

-lack of training guides, or if they have them, where to find them easily

-having my approved purchase orders closed out before the final invoices are received from the vendor, then having to scramble and find a solution

-not being aware of particular requirements for submitting request for purchase orders, then having several people give me different answers on the correct process

-getting a feeling that you are "bothering" the support people when you call or email for help, a sense they are irritated by your questions
I was new to the University when Cornerstone was implemented so I can't compare it to the RIAS system. 

The individual Apps have their strengths and weaknesses, and overall, I was hoping that there would be more streamlining. 

In general, doing Reqs, processing anything in ARS or HCM or ROCS or Oracle, takes much, much to long.  There's certainly too much to detail here. 

I am hopeful that over time, things will improve. 
Cornerstone should never have been implemented. I have had to deal with numerous vendors who have not gotten paid. It takes multiple attempts to contact Accounts Payable to find out the status of payment.
Since the implementation of Cornerstone it has been extremely difficult to track account activity.  Available Reports have already changed a few times with very little instruction on how and where to access information.  I feel there was very little training, if any, which made it very frustrating to complete every day tasks.   
Reports is an issue and continues to be one.  A new report come out and a few weeks later it's pulled off due to inaccurate numbers.  New sure what report to use or what should balance to what.  I can run 3 different reports and get 3 different numbers. 
I have very limited use of Cornerstone. I only submit reimbursements. It would have been nice to have training on how that is done. Thankfully Tom Snyder is wonderful and helped a lot!
I have spent too much time fixing problems within the system, instructing vendors on how to submit for payment and resolve issues regarding their invoices.  Vendors should have been instructed to call a specific help # as well and have follow up to the new procedures - it took too much time from my day to day to fix all these issues.  And the help desk was not always available to me in a timely way.  If was extremely frustrating for a good part of the past year.  We were left to fix the universities financial mistakes.  Sometimes receiving the wrath of vendors who were owed a lot of $$.  
I deal with Cornerstone for purchasing, paying vendors, and journaling. Each process is cumbersome, multi-step, and non-intuitive. My vendors don't know how to work with it and I have received very little training myself. Consequently a few of my accounts have gone past 90 days to be paid.
No good report to run for the grant project. 
Cornerstone has taken what used to be one step to pull up an account for review to new levels of frustration.  This system was not properly evaluated for its ability to be "user friendly".  I am hearing of so many people retiring before they were going to because of this system...my supervisor and I are both leaving August 1st and this system was the "straw that broke the camels back" in making this decision.  
It is very time consuming.
It has slowed down the amount of work I am able to produce on a daily basis.  It has infuriated vendors to the point of them refusing to do business with the University any longer. Large vendors - like PC Richards.   We have become a laughing stock.  I'm embarrassed to even say I work at Rutgers, between half the football players going to jail and our inability to pay our bills timely, it's just been down hill these last 4 years.  Crying shame. 
I do not have the opportunity to use Cornerstone in my position at the current time so I chose N/A for all questions.

I am still fairly new, so I am still learning the entire range of functionality that Cornerstone has.
Delayed vendor payments, long waits to get new suppliers onboarded, significant delays in reimbursements...all of this requires extra time to resolve because it increases the necessary communication at all levels from constantly checking to see what's been processed to quelling vendor frustration.  Reports are a nightmare and faculty are constantly angry that they're not easily accessible, it takes double the time to pull the same information that it did in the past.
Cornerstone at this has made it difficult to accomplish in running reports, balances, etc. Its frustrated when you have to run a report that has 100 + steps to accomplish incorrect information.  This inability to complete assignments or obtain reliable data to provide PI with respect to commitments balances etc.
Vendor relationships have suffered. We can't see anything for any of the grants. We don't know how much money we have to spend.
Most of the work I perform in Cornerstone is the processing of invoices for payment.  It's very frustrating at times because I cannot tell if something was paid half the time.  I'm always asked to follow up with the payment status by one of my supervisors who thinks I can view everything in Cornerstone and have the power to just pick up the phone and a check is cut. Which gives the impression that I am not proactive in getting this accomplished.

I'm also spending time in helping others with Cornerstone because it seems like new employees are not scheduled for the training and are expected to be trained by other staff.
Management requests a task but not the tools or instruction on how to fulfill the ask.
I use Cornerstone daily and just learning the program, I constantly find myself searching for help. Or sendinf emails over. 
I'm a Community Assistant, I've been using Cornerstone to check payroll, vacation time, and to work on expenses.  When it comes to payroll everything seems fine; however vacation time and PTO's are not up to date. Also, working on travel and expenses is time consuming--what used to take us about 30 minutes to complete, now it takes double the amount of time and it takes longer to get approve.
I find it takes at least 3 to 4 times longer to do my job.  The Marketplace isn't too bad -- I am finding that I am able to track paying with "ease".  However, the reporting tool is terrible -- too difficult to maneuver and view reports with lots of unnecessary columns and it's often difficult to identify the charges applied to any project.  

RIAS was not without it's "hiccups" but it was much better and easier to use than this system. 

Cornerstone is overall terrible system and I not effective as I once was.
Cornerstone has had a more negative impact rather than a positive one.  The ability to run reports is neither efficient nor is it easier and better than what we had previously.
I went from being very good at my job to barely being able to do what is expected.  It is cumbersome to run the reports and when I finally do get the report, I have to download it into excel and run multiple functions to get it the way I need it.  The data is unreliable.  The training is too generic.  It teaches the steps to running the report but not what report to run and why.  We now have even more work to do with forecasting and the feeling I am getting from management is that I shouldn't waste other people's time by asking questions.  I should be figuring things out myself.  
I started working here shortly after Cornerstone was implemented, so I do not know any other way.  I just know that not many people know how to use Cornerstone to run reports and get useful information, and I feel there needs to be a lot more specific training for different types of users. I find the procurement system is easy to use though and have not faced many issues.   
It‰Ûªs an easier system, but I‰Ûªve had to figure out a good portion of it on my own ‰ÛÓ via trial and error. Training is poor.
I find the entire process in Cornerstone cumbersome and time consuming.  I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to do something, find something or confirm anything in Cornerstone.
I am new to the position, received no training in Cornerstone.  I have submitted reimbursement for travel and do like the fact that money is deposited in my direct deposit within days as apposed to previous systems that took weeks!
Financial aspect of Cornerstone is an absolute mess-  There are constantly errors in reports-  such as double commitments which effect the bottom line.  What used to take me 1 minute now takes me several days.  
When invoices that are scanned to AP go missing, vendors call us, the generator of the PO because they didn't get paid and cannot get thru to help desk. Supervisors at AP are wonderful when we can reach out to them but depts receive email telling them to contact help desk, who are clueless & not able to answer questions. 
No Comment
Don't use it much
Created double the work in the beginning
Inputting expense reports is difficult and it appears to me that much of it is redundant.  Perhaps as I get used to using the new system it will become easier.
For myself personally, I find it much more time consuming.  I basically trained myself on the program.  Not really happy with it.
Cornerstone has made my job at best 10 times more difficult. Tasks that I could do in an hour before cornerstone now take an entire work day to complete. There has been some improvement since the initial release of Cornerstone, but the level of functionality is still unacceptable. The communication of changes and improvements it lacking. The input form employees actually working in the system needs to be listened to and accounted for in a more effective manner. This has been a complete failure so far.
My top management in the area I work has been very supportive.  I can't speak to the upper levels of management in Old Queens.
I am a newer employee and have not had much experience with a number of the Cornerstone involved systems. Second-hand stories of having to use 'shadow-systems' like Excel to track #'s and produce reports are numerous from depts. 
what is cornerstone?
Very frustrating.
There is not enough training and too often many glitches in the system.
Training is terrible or non existent even tho they said it is a priority, systems do not work properly and communication is terrible. The purchasing area is the best to deal with
Cornerstone has been and continues to NOT be user friendly. Many of my colleagues and I are unable to find reports, retrieve balances, access contract numbers, etc. Everyday there appears to be some sort of issue with the system. The ability to obtain information also changes. One moment you are able to view information, another day the information is no longer there. It's very frustrating. It is not practical or intuitive.