Member Benefits

By becoming a dues‐paying member of URAAFT, you are immediately entitled to receive the benefits listed below.  You may be prompted to provide your AFT membership identification number in order to utilize some programs.

1.  AFT Plus and Union Plus discount programs

2. Defensive Driving Insurance Premium Reduction Fee Reimbursement

3. Vision Care Reimbursement

4. AFT Occupational Liability Plan — up to $1 M in coverage

URAAFT is pleased to provide liability protection for claims or charges arising out of the employment activities of a member.  You must be a full member in good standing of the URAAFT in order to file a claim. Contact the URAAFT office to obtain a letter verifying your membership status by calling (732) 745‑0300 or e‐mailing

For more information on the AFT Occupational Liability Insurance Plan, download this brochure.  To file a claim, download the AFT claim form.

5.  Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
- free $10,000 on‐the‐job death benefit for members

The coverage pays benefits to insured members who die as a result of an accident or who suffer the loss of a hand, leg or similar serious injury. Benefits are paid directly to the member. In the case of accidental death, benefits are paid to the member’s beneficiary.  To designate a beneficiary, you must complete a beneficiary card and return it to the URAAFT office at: 57 Paterson St., New Brunswick, NJ 08901. Contact to initiate a new claim.  For more information visit:

6. $5,000 No‐Cost Term Life Insurance — a free benefit as a new member

No medical exams are required. This coverage is yours just for joining URAAFT as a full dues‐paying member. Click here to register.


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