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Since 2008, URAAFT has been a member‐led organization. The power of URAAFT is in the membership. If you are not a member, you are relying on your member‐colleagues to create the power on your behalf. As a non‐member you are simply “watching from the sidelines” and weakening our collective strength.

If you have not submitted a signed application, you are not yet a member of the URAAFT.

You’re Already Benefiting from a Union Job

Your union job already provides job security, fairness in hiring and disciplinary practices, scheduled pay raises, and the ability to negotiate directly with Rutgers’ decision‐makers. Only unions have guaranteed Weingarten Rights and collective bargaining rights guaranteed by New Jersey statute.

Only members can participate in the union with voting privileges on important union issues including contract ratification and elections of officers.

Your membership works on your behalf too–more members mean a stronger voice with Rutgers and in Trenton and Washington to shape policies that affect our retirement, healthcare and working conditions. Recent accomplishments include: health benefits oversight, paid family leave rights, stronger union rights in the work place, and guaranteed paid sick leave.

Your dues support the operations of URAAFT. A percentage goes to the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), which provides us with national support on a range of important issues. The majority stays with URAAFT to fund bargaining, legal, outreach and educational activities.

Dues are set at 1.2% of your annual base salary (divided by each bi‐weekly paycheck). URA members voted in favor of these dues in 2007. No dues are paid on bonus or lump‐sum payments or overtime pay, only base salary. You can use the chart below to calculate your URAAFT dues; use your final pay stub each year to calculate actual dues paid for tax deduction purposes.

Annual salary URA Dues URA Dues
30,000 0.012 360
35,000 0.012 420
40,000 0.012 480
45,000 0.012 540
50,000 0.012 600
55,000 0.012 660
60,000 0.012 720
65,000 0.012 780
70,000 0.012 840
75,000 0.012 900
80,000 0.012 960
85,000 0.012 1020
90,000 0.012 1080
95,000 0.012 1140

Join Today

Complete a membership application to join URAAFT today. Your steward can collect the application or call your URA local office at 732–745-0300 to arrange for pick up.