2021 Election: Barbara Nowakowski

I am running for reelection to the Executive Board to be able to keep contributing and assisting with the continuance of URA-AFT’s mission at Rutgers.  Some of my concerns are fair treatment by UHR, OEE, labor relations and supervisors, contract compliance, a non-hostile workplace, raises, healthcare premiums, job security and building a stronger union.  I have been fortunate to serve on the board for the past two years.  We not only make financial decisions but also work on policy and procedure decisions.  My past experiences as a building rep, shop steward, participation in training, a member of bargaining team and my board experience have strengthened my ability to work on these decisions for the good of all of those who are protected by URA-AFT at Rutgers. 

This past year and a half the union has had to deal with the many challenges that COVID-19 brought to us as Rutgers Employees.  We have had to protect the employees’ rights through this time which had impacts on all of us.  On the board we have worked hard to help our members through this time with the least amount of negative impacts on the staff members at Rutgers under our protection as well as staff in our coalition partner’s unions.

I am at Rutgers for 20 years.  I signed a union card when they were forming this union and have been a member since it’s inception.   My experience as a shop steward has had me assist members with their grievances as well as support them in OEE interviews. It is this personal involvement with many that has given me knowledge about the many types of challenges that effect our members at Rutgers from all different departments, divisions and schools as well as a broader understanding and view of these challenges.

Local 1766