2021 Election: Charles Basden

Fifteen years served working amongst students, faculty, and valued colleagues in both private and public university settings, have prepared me to fulfill the role an executive board member for the NB campus. My name is Charles Basden. NJ—Newark, is my home. After spending twelve years in Washington DC between pursuing education and career, I was hired and returned to NJ and to Rutgers in August 2016. I started in the GS‑N Dean’s office, where I began working as a recruiter—a role that required travel to recruit prospective scholars to Rutgers Newark campus. In March 2018, I was hired as the lead recruiter in the GSE and that affords me with opportunities to promote further educational attainment to members of Rutgers’ staff – many of them former and current URA members. 

My intent and message to the URA membership is simple. We find ourselves in very trying times. We all know, that now more than ever, it matters to speak truth to power, in whatever shape or form it may manifest. I can promise you all, and remember this if nothing else, Candor — Communication – and most importantly Courage. If selected, I will serve my term and please hold me accountable for how truthful, clear, accessible and committed I am to the cause of advocating in the best interest of what I both know to be true and discover are the grassroots concerns and/or issues held by New Brunswick members. 

I welcome this challenge because nearly every day I speak to– the world about the complexities of this place, hoping to it a bit better than the day before. This role enhances my ability to do that more forcefully on the behalf of the members here. With that, I ask for your consideration and support for Exec Board – NB. 

Local 1766