2021 Election : Ginny Caputo

I am a seasoned URA-AFT leader having previously served as Organizer, Steward, Lead Steward and Vice President-New Brunswick /Piscataway Campus prior to joining the Newark campus. Since 2015 I have provided our Newark campus with service as Steward and as an Executive Board Member representing our campus.  In addition to my previous executive board experience, I have served our Newark campus as a member of the RU‑N Staff Council, as member of the Chancellor’s Commission for Transformation and Diversity and as a member of the Women’s History Month Steering Committee.  I believe that my URA-AFT and campus experiences, the relationships I have built through my 15+ years as a RU employee and my pride in our community make me an ideal candidate to lead the Newark Campus in this next term.  My goal during my tenure would be to continue to build our membership not only in numbers but in solidarity, continue to educate and counsel our members on our contract, provide institutional board knowledge to our newer board and committee members and work on mentoring the next round of URA-AFT leaders. I believe in the union we organized in 2007 and I believe it has provided our members some of the equity and protection we deserve as employees. I also believe our work is never done and we must continue to grow as an organization so that we ensure we are serving our members not just in the present but in the future. I look forward to providing our campus sound representation and continued solidarity and I hope you will join me in that service. 

Local 1766