2021 Election: Helen Pirrello

I’m Helen F. Pirrello and I’m running for your Executive Board of the Union of Rutgers Administrators, and would greatly appreciate your support.  Thank you.

I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Rutgers, serve on URA committees, attend union workshops, meetings and conventions, work on grievances and organizing, represent the URA at the new employee orientations NB, served on the contract team, graduated from the Union Leadership Academy, represented staff on the University Senate, walked with you at rallies, and I will always work with and for YOU!

I experienced what happens when we think we have no recourse, no support, no where to turn, so stressed it affects our well being and know what’s accomplished when the URA is there to resolve situations thought to be unresolvable, and seen what we accomplish when we band together.

It’s YOU, the structure/foundation that cares for the needs of students from financial aid to dining, from housing to facilities, from North, Central, South Jersey in every part of Rutgers you’ll find YOU serving, ensuring students receive the assistance they deserve while providing unwavering support to faculty. At every turn you find YOU and I will always work to ensure you receive the compensation, and respect you deserve, and work at not only keeping benefits but improve upon them.  YOU deserve no less.

You impart knowledge and educate everyday, Rutgers wouldn’t be nationally ranked without YOU, YOU are not disposable and I will continue to educate others to that fact. 

Sanding together accomplishes great things and I ask you to stand with me, and allow me to represent YOU on YOUR URA Executive Board. Be assured I will always work with YOU and for YOU!

Local 1766