2021 Election: Jason Jordan

As Lead Steward for 3 years, I advocated for a fair, equitable, and SAFE workplace for all URA-AFT Members. For over 1 year, I negotiated our current Union Contract with our Bargaining Team of 13 Members. I have attended all trainings for Grievances, Contract Negotiations, Harassment in the Workplace, and Professional Development. I presented a workshop on “Bullying in the Workplace”. Currently, I am an AFTNJ Delegate and serve as the Co-Chair of the Social Justice Committee. 

As a Rutgers University employee for over a decade, I understand firsthand the needs of our Union Brothers and Sisters: equal pay, promotions, STRONG benefits, training, professional development, and above all else fair treatment in the workplace. Advocacy for Union initiatives have been my platform since my retail days while earning my first degree at Rutgers University. I promote our strength in our united numbers. I STAND with all my Union Brethren in full support of our union goals and objectives to push URA-AFT to the next level in its movement for equality and fairness in the workplace at Rutgers University. 

Working side by side with the URA-AFT Senior Leadership Team and URA Members at various levels on all 3 Campuses has provided me with a deeper understanding of the constant need to GROW our membership. I have signed up many members over the years and I just signed up 1 new member last week! YAY!!!! 

Local 1766