2021 Election: Josephine Nagel

Now more than ever, we need our union to be strong. That strength comes from all of us — working together, sharing information, debating issues, solving problems, and taking action. 

I have worked at Rutgers Law School in Newark for 15 years and been a member and steward of the URA since its inception in 2007. I was appointed as interim and then elected vice president of the Newark campus in 2018; and was appointed as interim secretary earlier this year. 

Over the years, as I got more involved, I have had the pleasure of speaking with and getting to know so many talented, dedicated, enthusiastic, often unappreciated people from different departments, schools, and campuses. I first joined because I believed in the principle that we are stronger together, and I liked the people; I have gotten more involved because the principle of strength is nothing without people to do the work, and I still like the people. 

I promise to serve the URA membership as a steadfast, thoughtful, organized, and open-minded advocate. Thank you for your consideration.

Local 1766