2021 Election: Joshua Eaise

I hold the position of Academic Counselor with the New Jersey Scholarship and Transformative Education in Prisons (NJSTEP) program at Rutgers-Newark. In that role, I provide academic support and on-site coordination at one of the state’s prisons. I am consequently well-versed in working with multiple stakeholders within complex institutional settings. Prior to joining NJSTEP, I was an undergraduate student at Rutgers-Camden and a graduate student, administrative assistant, and part-time lecturer at Rutgers-New Brunswick. With our union, I serve on the Health & Safety Committee, where I have contributed to projects whose purpose is to understand and respond to URA member concerns about the return to campus, and to develop tools for holding the university accountable to those concerns.

I am motivated in my professional and personal life by working on behalf of others. In particular, I devote my energies to causes that empower people so that they are able to live with dignity. That general commitment underlies my dedication to our union and decision to run for the position of Executive Board-Newark. If given the chance to represent Newark members by serving on the Executive Board, my focus as a board member would be on broadening and deepening union democracy by increasing opportunities for member-voice and member-led initiatives. 

Local 1766