2021 Election: Leigh-Anne Cobb

Greetings Brothers and Sisters, my name is Leigh-Anne Cobb, and I am running for the office of Vice President New Brunswick/Piscataway, URA-AFT-1766. I look forward to continuing to serve our members and continuing our work to protect our negotiated benefits which are central to protecting working families.

I am proud to have been able to stand shoulder to shoulder with you at Rally’s, joining you at the phone banks and writing postcards to our elected officials. These insightful opportunities have enabled me to understand our members concerns, building our union power and building our collective strength. 

As a member of the NJ-AFT Legal defense committee we have worked  countless hours in securing and approving grants for our valued members to expand democracy and eliminate disparities, serving on the URA-AFT Grievance committee I have served on cases with our dedicated campus stewards in the resolution of contractual  and non-contractual disputes in the  workplace, and most recently have joined the AFT-NJ social justice committee as a powerful voice in providing advocacy , public education and social rights.

 As I consider the election process, I thought to give more care and attention to the members that I serve. My goal as Vice President New Brunswick/Piscataway, URA-AFT is to expand partnerships, and connection with our members.as performed during my tenure as  lead steward on the Livingston campus. Together we can extend equal participation of all campus members, providing equitable and fair representation to our extended families on all New Brunswick campus’s; a compliment to the wonderful service, brotherhood, and camaraderie that you experience with your current Stewards and building representatives.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve and” to continue the work of building membership and crafting a sure future for OUR union.”

Local 1766