2021 Election: Mikaela Maria

Mikaela Maria has been employed full time with the School of Nursing-Camden since March 2019 and has served as building steward since December 2019. She is an alumna of Rutgers-Camden and graduated from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in 2015 with a masters degree in American History. Prior to working at the School of Nursing she worked as a Manager of Community Programs and Services at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities, located on the Rutgers-Camden campus. 

In her role as building steward she has assisted fellow staff members as they navigated the Covid-19 pandemic, job reclassifications, and concerns regarding telecommuting, overtime, and safety issues. Most recently, with the support of her campus steward, she was able to push for a reclass of her own position and now wishes to give back to the union by serving as the Vice President for the campus. With strong organizational and leadership skills and a commitment to labor equity, Mikaela hopes to make positive change and contribute to the URA-AFT in the years to come. She plans to focus on increasing Camden’s membership and would also like to help bring Camden specific issues to the table. She looks forward to being involved in contract negotiations and bringing a younger staff member’s perspective to this leadership position. 

Local 1766