Legislative Luncheon in Camden

Rutgers community discussion on what’s going on in Trenton regarding issues that affect southern NJ, higher education, benefits, and other timely issues.

When: Tues., March 27 @ 12:00pm
Where: South ABC Conference Room, Camden Campus Center, 326 Penn Street, Camden Campus

Light refreshments served.
Please RSVP to Helen F. Pirrello
hpirrello@ura-aft.org / (732) 745‑0300

Vote for Union Delegates in March

Voting for delegates to the State and National Conventions of the AFT, and the State Convention of the AFL-CIO will take place at the March 19 General Membership meeting. All URA delegates are expected to attend all business sessions of the respective Convention, and appropriate educational workshops held in conjunction with these events. Travel, accommodations (dual occupancy), and IRS per diem expenses are provided from the URA budget.
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Tax Deduction for Use of Personal Vehicle

(from Christine O’Connell, URA Executive Board member for Off-Campus & Extension)

Just a reminder, since the University chooses to reimburse only at .31/mile and the current IRS mileage reimbursement rate is .55/mile, you can deduct the difference of 24.5 cents/mile off your taxes for all the miles that you’ve driven for 2011. For some of us who put significant mileage on our personal vehicles for University purposes, this can add up to be a large number. I know that I personally drove approximately 1,800 miles last year and am sure that there are others that have driven more than that. Especially if you are in the southern counties of the state, where distances seem to be farther apart, please keep track of ALL the miles you drive and deduct the difference! You can use copies of your TABERs to document your miles. It’s YOUR money; don’t let the IRS or Rutgers keep any more of it than they already do!!!

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