Urgent! Avoid State Shutdown!

Friday 6/30/2017 1:15pm:

Before you go home! Save jobs and services! Call your assembly member via


 enter your zip code and you will be connected to their legislative office. Tell them:

*Please do not hold up the state budget in order to pass a bill (S4) that has nothing to do with the budget.

*Vote yes for a clean bill!

Here’s more information at the New Jersey AFL-CIO website — http://www.njaflcio.org/new_jersey_state_afl_cio_urges_lawmakers_to_put_politics_aside_and_pass_a_clean_budget.  Please call your legislatures today!

What to do about “excessive” workloads

If you worked overtime and you have not already been compensated, the annual performance evaluation is a good time to calculate that time and claim compensation.

Exempt” (classified as “NL” employees) who are working excessive hours can invoke provisions of Article 28 (p. 14 in the contract book). Even though you are not entitled to time-and-a-half pay, this article of our contract provide a process to obtain additional assistance, changes to job duties or compensatory time.

Meeting goals in the year of Cornerstone

  • We are getting NO work done.”
  • Cornerstone has slowed my work down to a crawl as I spend hours trying to get help with its faulty systems. I am now behind on everything… it is so frustrating.”
  • I am very backed up with the work I had to have sit before and during the blackout period.”

As we come up to the SCP performance evaluations, many URA members are genuinely concerned that we did NOT get our work done this year. The Cornerstone implementation that began in Fall 2016 proved a bigger hurdle than any system changeover we have seen before.

How can we address our performance evaluation amid this ongoing fiasco?

As you do your self-evaluation, provide a summary and a few examples of how Cornerstone affected your workload, your timelines, and your ability to complete tasks. Here are some suggestions for wording to adapt to your situation:

Please refer to the email communications regarding Cornerstone, and the system updates on cornerstone.rutgers.edu . Implementation of the system has prevented the usual work flow that the ( give your department /center/group name ) performed in previous academic years.  I (we) have been working with the Cornerstone team to help resolve the department (center/group) issues . However we are unable to proceed until the Cornerstone team has this up and running”

President Barchi sent an email that the system was working on February 1st; however, that did not include the backlog of marketplace/expense reporting items that have been held up since October 2016.  That four-month back log is for all of Camden, Newark and New Brunswick. This has continued to create significant delays which has prevented the usual work flow that the ( give your department /center/group name ) performed in previous academic years” 

Reports continue to be an issue ; that has prevented reporting on ( examples: grants/endowments/gifts) to the faculty.  This has prevented the usual work flow that the ( give your department /center/group name ) performed in previous academic years”

If you are concerned about Cornerstone-related problems arising in the next year, (for example upcoming FY16-17 closeout as well or compliance in reporting to funders for grant-funded work) use Section 3: Performance Standards, which states “Check here and detail on an attached page if standards are being modified for next year’s evaluation.”

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