Adverse Weather Conditions and University Closings Information

As we head into the throes of winter make sure you are knowledgeable about the rights afforded to you under Article 51 “University Closings” of our contact, which can be found here. County employees should follow the operating status for county facilities, not Rutgers, in regards to university closings. The Rutgers policy on “ATTENDANCE DURING ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS”, also known as policy 60.1.29 can be found at During inclement weather employees should be aware of the University’s Operating Status by checking their campus’ homepage. Also become familiar with Rutgers’ Emergency Action Plan for “Adverse Weather”, which can be found at A great way to stay on top of the campus emergency status is to be registered with the Rutgers Emergency Notification System (ENS) which can be done at this link. To our brothers and sisters working through the storm; thank you and work safely!

Update from URA Ad Hoc RX Committee on OPTUMRx

If you have received a “disruption letter” (Information regarding pharmacy information letter) form OPTUMRx in regards to your current prescriptions not being covered under the new plan starting Dec 23, 2017, please carefully read the information below:

We suggest starting a conversation with your prescribing medical provider now on starting an appeal so your current Rx prescriptions can remain the same. Starting Dec 23rd, physicians should call the prior authorization department at 1–800-711‑4555 (Fax #800–527-0531) to start an appeal for you. Only doctors can request an appeal for bona fide medical reasons to remain with the current prescription you are taking.

If you have received a “disruption letter” as stated above, we are asking members to email a copy of the letter to URA Ad Hoc Committee member Stephanie Crozier at Please remove any personal contact information from the letter. We will be using these letters to track how many members have been affected by the new policy change and which Rx drugs are no longer being covered without prior authorizations needed.

Happy Holidays

Previous information dated 12–14-17:

The URA has established an ad hoc committee to review and monitor the transition and required pre-authorization of the OPTUMRx prescription service. In light of these changes the committee will apprise members of important information as we receive it. The new prescription plan goes into effect December 23, 2017.

You should be receiving your new prescription cards from OPTUMRx this week. If you do not receive your new prescription cards and information by Friday 12/15/2017, please contact OPTUMRx by calling 844–368-8740 to request your Welcome packet with new prescription cards.

Please stay tuned for additional information regarding “disruption letters” (letters with subject line of “Important Pharmacy Benefit Information” or “Information Regarding Pharmacy Benefit”) and the appeal process for your impacted prescriptions.

Scholarship Applications Due Dec. 31, 2017

aftnj_nyscholarshipTo honor Nick Yovnello, former President of AFT College Council and longtime fighter for workers’ rights and expanded educational access, the AFTNJ awards one scholarship of $1,000 to an eligible student activist who demonstrates a commitment to fight for social and economic justice.

Scholarship Eligibility
• The AFTNJ Nicholas Yovnello Social Justice Scholarship Award is open to any AFTNJ member in good standing who has been a member for at least one year – or a family member of an AFTNJ member in good standing who has been a member for at least one year.
• For AFTNJ members or family members, the scholarship award is open to graduating high school seniors or students currently enrolled in either a public college, trade school or a union apprenticeship program.
• The scholarship award is also open to seniors, public college or trade school students currently attending an AFTNJ represented school. Applicants must submit a recommendation from an AFTNJ member in good standing.
• Children or legal dependents of AFTNJ or local union staff are also eligible for this scholarship opportunity.
• Application deadline is December 31, 2017. All required components must be completed and received by close of business.


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