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Defensive Driving Classes for URA Members

[by Christine O’Connell, Off Campus Chairperson]

We are proud to announce that off campus Community Assistants/Community Coordinators are finally getting to take the defensive driving class that was cancelled due to Superstorm Sandy on Monday, February 25, 2013!  This opportunity was originally negotiated for us because we drive from site to site as part of our jobs and put obscene amounts of mileage and wear and tear on our personal vehicles but weren’t allowed to take the defensive driving class on Rutgers time.  Our union heard our concerns and with the help of our Health and Safety committee, negotiated with our department head to allow us to have release time to take this very important class.  Some benefits to taking this class include how to be better drivers and the option to lower our insurance premiums and/or reduce the points that we may have on our licenses through an additional fee.

Also, because many of us have to travel from all parts of New Jersey in order to take the class in New Brunswick, URA-AFT will reimburse mileage for all those who attend and are full dues paying members.  They are also providing lunch for us as an extra incentive to get all who are still thinking about participating to go ahead and register for this class.

So, if you are a Community Assistant or Community Coordinator who works for SNAP-ed or EFNEP throughout the state and are a full dues paying member of URA, please take advantage of this opportunity.

The link to register is:

Choose February 25, 2013 and follow the directions.

This is another benefit of being a full member so if you are interested in joining, please call Christine O’Connell, Off Campus chair, for membership information. Thank you to all those who were instrumental in getting this to fruition!  We appreciate your hard work on our behalf!

County-based employees and winter break

Most Rutgers employees will enjoy a long holiday break this year, but some of our members working in Cooperative Extension, based in county offices will be working on the four floating holidays (Dec. 27–30  this year.)  County-based employees in the URA unit who are assigned to offices which follow a holiday schedule that is different than that set forth in Article 14 “Holidays” section of the 2007–2011 URA-AFT Administrative Unit Contract are entitled to a day and a half of holidays for each of those days when they work.

The March 18, 2008  agreement states that “…members of the bargaining unit who are assigned to county offices which follow a holiday schedule different from that set forth in the Agreement, shall follow the holiday schedule established in their respective county of assignment except that no such member shall receive less than 14 holidays.” It goes on to say that “Employees who are assigned to counties which schedule less than 14 holidays shall receive an extra personal holiday(s) to be scheduled within the same fiscal year at the mutual convenience of the bargaining unit member and his/her supervisor.”

The most common county holidays are Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthdays, Good Friday, Columbus, Veteran’s  and Election Day.  However, if your county does not observe all of these, you should request personal holiday time from your supervisor, at the rate of 1 1/2 days.

Read the 2008 side agreement here.